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Other scholarships and funding options

External funding sources

Beyond the funding offered by BPP, you are advised to research the vast range of funding options offered by non-governmental organisations, charities and commercial entities.

Listed below are known sources of funding for postgraduate and professional study.

Be sure to check your eligibility before you apply:

The Law Loan

The Law Loan is a key reason to make BPP your first choice when taking the next step in your legal career.

Who is the loan for?

The Law Loan is offered exclusively to BPP's full-time Bar Professional Training Course, Graduate Diploma in Law, Legal Practice Course and MA (LPC with Business) students who meet the eligibility criteria, with the exception of students studying only Stage 1 or Stage 2 of the LPC.

The loan is also available to students studying the Distance Learning option for the LPC, MA (LPC with Business) and GDL.

Is the loan available for part-time students?

From September 2012, the law Loan is also offered exclusively to BPP’s part-time Bar Professional Training Course, Legal Practice Course and MA (LPC with Business) students who meet the eligibility criteria


How much does the loan provide?

The Law Loan is offered up to £25,000 to cover the cost of your programme and some living expenses, with a competitive interest rate and no re-payment required until six months after you complete your programme.

Does it cover more than one BPP programme?

You can take out a loan for any of the BPP law programmes you are enrolled on (full-time GDL, LPC, BPTC courses starting from September) so long as the total amount of your loans does not exceed £25,000.

If your two programmes run consecutively, repayment will start six months after the end of the second course.

Interest will accrue on the outstanding amount as per the Law Loan existing terms. The deferral is valid only if you are accepted and enrolled on either a second BPP full-time LPC or BPTC programme starting September 2013. You do not have to take a second loan in order to be eligible for the deferred repayment.

What happens if I have already accepted my place with another provider?

For non BPTC students who decide to transfer from another provider and accept an offer at BPP, we make the process of transferring easy.

Students simply need to confirm their offer with BPP and pay the programme deposit. At this point if the student provides us with proof of receipt for the deposit paid to another provider, BPP will deduct that amount off the first payment instalment.

BPTC students cannot transfer from another provider once you have accepted their offer.

How do I apply?

Talk to our admissions team about our exclusive law loan, which will cover the cost of your fees and contribute towards your living expenses. Call us on 03332 209 864 or request a callback.


Government loans and grants

If you are applying to BPP University as an undergraduate student you're fully entitled to apply for government funding – just as you would if you were studying for an undergraduate degree at any other UK university. 

You don't have to pay back grants, scholarships or bursaries and you don’t start repaying your government loan until you earn £21,000.

Government funding includes: 

What is changing from September 2012? 

For students starting their undergraduate degree after 1 September 2012, a new student finance scheme will be in place.

The main changes are: 

  • tuition fees are increasing (BPP's undergraduate tuition fees will continue to be fully covered by the tuition fee loan);
  • you don’t start repaying your loan until you earn £21,000 (up from £15,000);
  • part-time students can apply for a Tuition Fee Loan (replacing grants).

Applying for student finance

For 2012 / 2013 undergraduate degrees, you can apply online for student finance from early 2012 via the Directgov website