BPP University Law School Postgraduate Programmes

With programmes such as our unique MA (LPC with Business) offering a Masters degree in both law and business, our Career Guarantees for LPC & BPTC - find a legal job within six months or study another qualification free - we're totally focused on helping you develop your legal career.

Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL)

If you're interested in a law career and have a non law degree or management experience you'll need to study the GDL as the first stage of your legal training. Our GDL is recognised by leading law firms as the best preparation for a future career in law.

Legal Practice Course (LPC)

Our LPC gives you the essential training you need to become a solicitor, giving you the legal knowledge and skills to thrive in today's market.

MA (LPC with Business)

Unique to BPP from September 2013 in addition to the standard LPC, BPP students can study our MA (LPC with Business) the only LPC which integrates business in to the programme.

Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC)

The BPTC provides you the training you need to practice as a barrister. It will equip you with the skills, experience and knowledge required to attain one of the most sought after qualifications in the legal profession.

Graduate LLB

You can convert your GDL to a full LLB by completing 60 additional credits. This is available exclusively to BPP students and alumni.

LLM (Professional Legal Practice)

The LLM Professional Legal Practice is highly respected by law firms in the UK and internationally. It lets you convert your postgraduate diploma into a Law Masters - preparing you for practice and opening up many career opportunities.

LLM (Commercial Law)

The LLM in Commercial Law is designed for law graduates and qualified lawyers. It gives you an advantage in an increasingly competitive market, by providing you with a practical and relevant knowledge of key issues in commercial law.

LLM (Comparative Commerical Law)

The LLM Comparative Commercial Law offers you the opportunity to engage both at a conceptual and practical level with a number of significant issues in law relating to commercial and financial activity from a comparative perspective.

LLM (Financial Regulation and Compliance)

The LLM (Financial Regulation and Compliance) focuses on the law and practice relating to the regulation of investment business in the United Kingdom from the perspective of compliance.

LLM (International Business Law)

The LLM (International Business Law) focuses on problem based issues across a broad spectrum of topics germane to the negotiation and executions of trans-national business contracts and arrangements.

LLM (International Comparative Tax Law)

This programme will help you develop a detailed understanding and knowledge of selected key principles, rules and concepts of business and international taxation in the UK, India and the United States.

LLM (Islamic Finance and Business Law)

The LLM in Islamic Finance and Business Law offers students an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills that are practice orientated in the Islamic law relating to business and finance.

Bar Transfer Test

The Bar Transfer Test is the test for solicitors and lawyers from overseas jurisdictions transferring to the Bar of England and Wales.

LLM (Chinese Investment and Business Law)

The BPP University LLM in Chinese Investment and Business Law offers students an opportunity to gain practical knowledge and skills relating to the conduct of business and investment in China.

LLM (Transnational Criminal Justice)

The BPP University LLM Transnational Criminal Justice offers students an opportunity to develop a deep understanding and practical skills of how trans-national and comparative tax law operates in practice.