BPTC Excellence Award

Awarded by BPP University Law School

Applications Open

The excellence award is for those that have applied for the BPTC and have, or are predicted, a 1st in their undergraduate degree. The award is assessed primarily on the evidence supplied in the BARSAS application form.

Please ensure that you are available for interview on the given dates before applying. The award will be by way of a fee reduction, and is therefore only redeemable by enrolling on the BPTC.

Am I eligible?

To apply for this scholarship you must have one of the following:

  • A ‘1st’ class degree result, or
  • A penultimate year result of a 1st if you are still completing your degree, or
  • A predicted 1st from both referees.

How much is the Scholarship worth?

There is a total fund of £100,000 available, with individual awards of up to £5,000.


  • Degree exam results
  • Other academic awards (pre or post degree)
  • BARSAS references
  • Submissions on application form
  • Quality of answers at interview

Scholarship timeline

  • Applications open – 23 January
  • Applications close – 3 March
  • Shortlist for interview – 10 March
  • Date for interviews – 20 and 21 March
  • Results declared – 27 March

Multiple awards

We allow students to compete for more than one BPP award, but no student will be awarded more than £5000 in total. We do not take account of any other external or non-BPP awards.

How to apply?

To apply please complete our online form.