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The BPP Professional Education Group, founded by Alan Brierley, Richard Price and Charles Prior (Brierley, Price and Prior), is a global education provider delivering world-class professional qualifications. The group delivers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes and professional qualifications across the UK, internationally and through innovative online learning platforms.

When you work with BPP, you will be part of a business that really believes in supporting your personal and professional development. With so many different business areas, we offer a wide range of exciting opportunities within a culture of encouragement, respect and teamwork.

BPP University

BPP University is part of the BPP Professional Education Group. However, BPP University is a distinct legal entity with its own degree-awarding powers approved by the UK Privy Council.

Voted the UK's Best Higher Education Provider by Education Investor Magazine in 2013, we are the UK's only university solely dedicated to business and the professions. Our links with leading businesses and organisations allow us to provide a highly regarded professional education. Our programmes are designed in partnership with employers and respected professionals in the fields of law, business, finance and health.

We look for lecturers who share our passion for education and making a real difference in students' lives.

BPP University Schools

Business School
Law School
School of Health
Learning and Teaching team

BPP Professional Education

BPP Professional Education is one of Europe's leading specialist providers of professional education, delivering a range of industry-leading Professional Qualifications, Professional Apprenticeships, Professional Development programmes and Learning Media. We enjoy a trusted advisor status for many of our clients and institutes and offer professionals opportunities to progress through a variety of qualifications in accountancy, tax, insolvency and banking and finance.

Our courses are all supported by BPP Learning Media, which provides a wide range of learning materials for students, colleges and bookshops all over the world.

BPP Actuarial Education (ActEd)
Professional Apprenticeships
Accountancy, Tax, Insolvency and Financial Services

BPP Learning Media

As one of the world's leading providers of top quality printed and digital learning resources, BPP Learning Media supports tuition providers, professional bodies and students in over 180 countries.

We also develop curriculum content for BPP qualifications including Accounting, Financial Services, Tourism, Marketing, Law and Insolvency as well as content for Professional Education Bodies from around the World.

BPP Learning Media is a progressive, fast-paced publishing business with a culture geared to friendly, efficient service. We look for people who instinctively know what's right for both our buyers and end-users, across many roles:

  • Authors
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Publishing Directors
  • Publishing Assistants, Development Editors & Range Editors
  • Design
  • Digital & Print Production
  • Customer Service & Business Support
  • Warehousing & Inventory
I have now been with BPP for 7 years and I run a team of three and have gained a great deal of experience and confidence. BPP Professional Education, as a tuition provider, firmly believes in educating their staff too. Working for BPP means you have access to all of their courses at no cost of your own*, for example within accounting, financial services, professional development, law and many more. The Senior Management here has always been incredibly supportive in everything I've done.
Bennerd Botha, Learning Media

*upon successful completion of probation

BPP Learning Media is a great company to work for in terms of career progression and opening doors to opportunities that you may not have previously considered. BPP offers employees the opportunity to study professional qualifications for free*, as well as providing hundreds of personal development courses. This a great perk to any employee who wants to pursue a specific career path such as accountancy, or if they just want to develop their soft skills and progress with their career. All of the employees at BPP Learning Media are great, and everyone is really friendly and sociable. Managers are all very approachable and supportive in progressing your career, and would never hold you back, even if it was to the detriment of their department.
Joe Baller, BPP Learning Media

*upon successful completion of probation

I studied English literature at university and was drawn to BPP following graduation due to its publishing company, BPP Learning Media. Whilst I did not have a vocational career path to follow, I have always been supported to progress within the business and encouraged to pursue the areas that most interest me. I have been promoted internally to manage my own teams and have worked in a variety of departments including Customer Services, Production and Business Support fulfilling a wide variety of duties, which keeps the work interesting. New opportunities are constantly arising and, as an educational provider, BPP Professional Education Group courses are available to staff to help them work towards the career path they wish to follow.
Lana Turner, BPP Learning Media

Support Functions

Human Resources
BPP Legal and Compliance Team

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