F5-F9 CBE – Paper Exam Withdrawal

From March 2018, F5–F9 will only be available to take by session Computer-Based Exam (CBE) in the UK (and the following markets: China, Dubai, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ireland, Pakistan, Slovakia, Sri Lanka). This means that the last paper session for F5–F9 in the UK and these markets will be December 2017.

At BPP we have been teaching to the Computer-Based Exam (CBE) format since September 2016 on our current courses and all BPP materials support students preparing for the F5-F9 CBEs. For students who choose the CBE format for the December 2017 sitting and for all students for the March 2018 exams you will be fully prepared.

In addition we offer a Final Mock via the Online Classroom Live that allows students to rehearse for the big day by attempting an exam-standard, new mock exam providing the chance to:

  • Practice on our replica software that includes scratch pad, online calculator and formulae sheets
  • Take and submit a CBE mock written by  our expert authors on our replica CBE software
  • Receive your marked CBE with feedback from BPP markers
  • Attend an online debrief with an expert tutor to understand knowledge gaps and how to improve your CBE technique
  • Leave the session with clear strategy and next steps for final exam preparation

For all other international markets, (international OCR/Live students, global self-study students) our materials are still supporting both PBE and CBE and will continue to support both through 2018-19 updates.

More information on the CBE roll out in other markets can be found on the ACCA Website