Inclusion & Diversity at BPP Education

At BPP Professional Education you the student are at the heart of everything we do. Everyone at BPP understands that academic excellence is only achieved through a commitment to inclusive practice which is achieved through engaging, understanding and responding to the diversity of the people we are proud to engage.

Education is a journey which builds individual and collective experience; a process involving the assimilation and application of knowledge which leads to challenging the limits of existing boundaries. Inclusive practice provides an environment in which all individuals can embark on this journey by focusing on the removal of barriers to learning and promoting opportunities to express views and opinions in a professional context. BPP seeks to enable everyone to achieve success through learning and the processes which this involves. Education provides an opportunity to encounter and embrace difference, creating fresh perspectives, a deeper understanding and collaborative approaches.

Supporting Inclusion and Diversity

Did you know that in the UK the Equality Act 2010 and Human Rights Act 1998 protect you and ensure that you are able to live, work and study in an open an tolerant society. Respecting the values and beliefs of others is an important step towards personal and professional development. At BPP and in the UK you will be exposed to values and beliefs which may be different from your own. Responding in a respectful way is a true sign of professionalism and demonstrates a maturity which will assist you in building a truly global perspective required for any practicing professional in our ever shrinking world. At BPP our values ensure that we learn through understanding and tolerance whilst maintaining the ability to challenge divisive or radical perspectives which may threaten tolerance and respect.

If you would like to learn more about Inclusion and Diversity at BPP please contact the Inclusion Team at you can also follow us on Twitter @BPPInclusion

Or contact Nicholas Glossop, Head of Inclusion and Learning Support.

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