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Frequently asked questions about studying ACCA with BPP.

Are there any entry requirements for the ACCA qualification?

The minimum entry requirements for school leavers wishing to take their ACCA qualification are two A Levels and three GCSEs, or equivalent, in five separate subjects. One of these five must be English and/or Mathematics.

If you don’t meet the ACCA minimum entry requirements, you can enrol to study one of the Foundations in Accountancy (FIA) awards first. Completion of the FIA Diploma will allow you to progress on to the main ACCA qualification at F4.

Find out more on the ACCA course page.

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How can I check if I can claim exemptions from ACCA exams?

The ACCA will determine if you are eligible to claim exemptions from any exams, however you can check yourself if you think you may be eligible by using the ACCA’s online tool.

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What modes of study are available at BPP for ACCA?

You can study In Centre Classroom in one of our conveniently located study centres across the UK, or learn online through BPP’s award winning Online Classroom Live or our Online Classroom. You can use a combination of all three study modes if it suits you. The choice is yours.

We offer Taught, Revision and Exam Practice programmes as part of BPP's Pass Ready Solution. For more information see our ACCA programme page.

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How much does the ACCA qualification cost at BPP?

You will find dates and prices published under the 'Dates and prices' tab of the ACCA course page here. International students can find out more about deposits in our international students section here.

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How long does it take to complete the ACCA qualification?

What’s great about obtaining your ACCA qualification is that you can choose the pace of your study. Generally, you have up to ten years to complete the full qualification, or unlimited time on the Fundamentals level but once you pass your first Professional level exam, you have seven years to finish the rest.

Consequently, everyone moves through their ACCA studies at different speeds, although typically students will take around three years when studying on a full-time basis, and three to four years if studying part-time. Following the recommended two papers per exam sitting means you can complete the qualification (assuming no exemptions) in 3 years, assuming first time passes.

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Do you need to have relevant work experience to take the ACCA qualification?

No. All of the required knowledge is provided on the course. When you come to specialise at the Options Module, we would suggest that you take the options which most closely match the skills required in your job role. You can find out more about choosing your options papers here. Find out more about entry requirements on the ACCA course page. You do require relevant work experience in order to become a member of the ACCA however, and more information can be found on the ACCA website.

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What is the structure of the ACCA qualification?

Fundamentals level:

  • Knowledge module (Papers F1, F2 & F3)
  • Skills module (Papers F4, F5, F6, F7, F8 & F9)

Professional level:

  • Essentials module (P1, P2 & P3)
  • Options module (P4, P5, P6, P7)*

*Only two Options papers need to be taken out of the four papers available. A total of 14 papers. (excluding exemptions) must be completed to become fully qualified.

  • Papers F1, F2, F3 & F4 are available as Computer Based Exams on Demand.
  • Papers F5 to P7 are available as Paper Based Exams (sat at fixed exam sittings).

Some students may be exempt from studying the earlier levels depending on professional and educational background. Find out more by using the ACCA online tool.

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Which combination of exam papers should I study together?

ACCA do not specify what order to take your papers in, although you must complete a module (or be sitting the last paper in that module) in order to attempt papers at the following module.

However we recommend a study route in order to give you the opportunity to make use of the skills you learn in your work at the earliest opportunity.

The order in which we recommend you take your papers will depend on the role you are currently working in. If you are working full time and studying we would recommend two or a maximum of three papers per exam sitting.

For more information about which order to take your papers in, please visit Our Recommended Route.

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What are the progression rules between ACCA papers?

  • You can sit a maximum of four papers in one examination session (BPP recommends a maximum of 3). There is no minimum.
  • You are required to study each module in order. However, you can vary the order you attempt the papers within each module. 
  • You can attempt examinations from different modules in the same sitting if your status allows. However you must enter for outstanding papers in your current module if you wish to enter to sit papers in the next module.

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What are the Key Dates for the ACCA qualification?

  • ACCA Student registration – can be completed online throughout the year. You need to make sure that you are registered as a student before trying to enter for exams.
  • ACCA’s exam cycles – run from 1 February to 31 July and 1 August to 30 January each year and you can take a maximum of four individual papers within any cycle.
  • ACCA Exam Entry – there are now three entry periods: Early, Standard and Late. The later the exam entry, the higher the exam fee, so we would suggest that you book online as early as possible.

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What are the ACCA exam entry dates?

There are now 3 entry periods: Early, Standard and Late. The later the exam entry, the higher the exam fee, so we would suggest that you book online as early as possible.

June (2015) Sitting Deadlines:

  • Early – 8 March
  • Standard – 8 April
  • Late – 8 May

December (2015) Sitting Deadlines:

  • Early – 31 August
  • Standard – 26 October
  • Late – 2 November

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When are the ACCA exam results released?

ACCA exam results are released online, by text and email: 

  • 1st August for the June 2015 sitting

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How much do the ACCA exams cost?

The prices vary per paper and are dependent on when you book. View the exam booking dates and fees.

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How long do I have to pass all of my ACCA exams?

Student have seven years to complete all the papers, once you pass your first Professional level exam. However, there is no limit on how long you can spend on the Fundamentals level.

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What other qualifications can I get along the way to becoming ACCA qualified?

There are 2 other ACCA qualifications from the ACCA which you can achieve:

After completion of F1-F3 and completion of a free ACCA online module 'Foundations in Professionalism' you will receive the Diploma in Accounting and Business (QCF Level 4)

Advanced Diploma
After completion of F4-P7 and completion of a free ACCA online module 'Professional Ethics' you will receive the Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business

Other qualifications
The ACCA have a partnership with Oxford Brookes university to offer a BSc in Applied Accounting to ACCA students. You need to have to opted into the BSc when you joined ACCA as a student. You will be eligible to complete the BSc at the same time as being eligible for the Advanced Diploma (after completion of F1-F9 and the Professional Ethics module). You can find out more here.

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