BPP Online Classroom

Offering you the ultimate in structured flexibility

If you want the flexibility of studying whenever and wherever you want combined with the support of a dedicated tutor then our Online Classroom programmes can be your ideal solution. Depending on which programme you choose to study you will learn via our Online Classroom or Online Classroom with BPP Momentum. Both allow you to study at your own pace, with access to programme content, learning activities and assessment at any time. For the duration of your course you will have the on-going support of a BPP tutor, providing guidance on how to progress through the programme.

Online Classroom with BPP Momentum

Our 2015 CIMA, ACCA and ICAEW programmes see the introduction of BPP Momentum, our exciting new approach to learning which puts you at the centre of your learning. BPP Momentum enhances every aspect of our Online Classroom programmes with more flexibility, more personalisation, more support, more value and more confidence.

At the heart of BPP Momentum is competency-based learning, which means you will learn by doing. By progressively gaining knowledge, practising and testing as you go, you will be competent heading into the exam. With BPP Momentum you will benefit from all the features that the Online Classroom provides, but you will also have access to you own personalised Achievement Ladder.

  • The Achievement Ladder is central to your learning and allows you to monitor and track your progress, allowing you to identify strengths and weaknesses to progress through the qualification and achieve your goals. The Achievement Ladder is a series of steps that build in complexity, scope and syllabus coverage, preparing students for exam success.
  • You can also benefit from Focus Sessions†. These optional live webinars cover specific problems including technical areas and key exam-related topics. If you are stuck on an individual topic or question area you can join a Focus Session and go through them again during one of these live tutor-led sessions.
  • Focused on your success, Programme Advisors provide an additional level of support. If you miss or fail a step on your Achievement Ladder the Programme Advisors will direct you to the relevant areas of support to help you get back on track.

Coming soon

Following on from the success of BPP Momentum with CIMA, ACCA and ICAEW, we will be introducing this exciting new approach to learning for our AAT, CFA, ATT and CTA programmes. Look out for more information coming soon.

Online Classroom

Benefits of BPP Online Classroom:

  • Study whenever is most convenient for you
  • Progress at your own pace
  • Plan and optimise your study time
  • Benefit from structured support and guidance by a dedicated tutor
  • Be part of a genuine online student community
  • Interact with your tutor and fellow students in our online forums
  • Switch between online and physical materials for optimum flexibility

What can I study?

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Who is it for?

BPP Online Classroom is ideal if you are:

  • On the move, working away from home or not in the UK
  • Unable to commit to fixed class dates and times
  • In need of greater flexibility
  • Keen to interact online with fellow students
  • Looking for the guidance and support of a dedicated tutor

How it works

Proactive tutor support

You will have a dedicated BPP tutor - a subject specialist who is there to guide and assist learning, and you will be part of a genuine student community, connected by an online forum. Your tutor will keep you on track with regular updates and prompts via the forums, to help you stay motivated and help you make the best use of your study time.

Online lectures

You work through a series of pre-recorded lecture, alongside course notes, then recap and test yourself to ensure your knowledge has been embedded. You can access all of the pre-recorded lectures throughout your course. Lectures can be paused, rewound and fast forwarded, allowing you to study at your own pace. Any questions for your tutor can be posted on to the online forum.

Study Guidance

You will receive access to the complete guidance at the start of the programme and the tutor will highlight the key areas of this guidance throughout the programme.

Exam-focused materials

Our excellent learning materials and study tools include highly focused Course Notes. They will save you time, focus your effort and embed learning more effectively than working through the full syllabus documentation.

Our renowned Practice and Revision Kit will help you prepare for the exam. Switching between online and physical materials gives you optimum flexibility for study, wherever you are. You’ll have online access to all course content at least seven days before your course starts.

†For ACCA Focus Sessions are for papers F3, F5, F7, F8, F9 and P2 only