Accountancy exams are hard. They won’t always go your way. But we will.

Don’t worry if you don’t pass. With our Lifetime Pass Assurance^, you can repeat your course as many times as you need until you pass. We’re here to support you, every step of the way.

BPP's Lifetime Pass Assurance will protect you if you fail your Computer Based Exam, meaning if you are unsuccessful in your exams you can attend as many courses as you need for free until you pass.

If you studied In Centre or via Online Classroom Live, your free course can be taken via any mode of study. If you studied via Online Classroom your free course will be via Online Classroom again.

To secure Lifetime Pass Assurance you will need to:

  • Study with BPP (via an In Centre, Online Classroom or Online Classroom Live course)
  • Complete steps 1-6 by the agreed submission dates
  • Score at least 70% on all steps of your Achievement Ladder before taking your CBA
  • Sit your first assessment at a UK BPP centre within three weeks of your course ending
  • Commence your free course within three months of having failed the assessment

*Please note: Does not apply to Using Accounting Software.

^Lifetime Pass Assurance terms and conditions apply