AAT Bookkeeping Qualifications


Whether you need bookkeeping skills for your business, already work in the field and need a professional qualification or are looking to set up your own bookkeeping practice, our AAT Bookkeeping courses cover everything you'll need to know. Develop the essential bookkeeping skills at the heart of every business.

From an introduction into the principles of manual bookkeeping and the common terminology, through to the knowledge of double entry bookkeeping, control accounts, journals and preparing final accounts, we give you all the knowledge you need to be a professional bookkeeper.

BPP offers the Intermediate and Advanced Levels of the Certificate in Bookkeeping:

AAT Level 2 Intermediate Certificate in Bookkeeping

Best suited to those already working in finance looking for a qualification, those who want to work in and those who are self-employed and need to do their own bookkeeping

The Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping consists of two units, each assessed by a separate Computer-Based Test (CBT), and should take around 12 weeks to complete – depending on study method.

  • Processing Bookkeeping Transactions (PBKT)
  • Control Accounts, Journals, and the Banking System (CJBS)

This qualification is a fast track route to the Level 3 AAT Accountancy qualification; so upon completion students can continue with either Level 3 of the AAT Accounting Qualification, or move on to the Level 3 Certificate in Bookkeeping (see below)

AAT Level 3 Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping and Ethics

Best suited to those who have completed the Level 2 Certificate, experienced bookkeepers looking to acquire further skills or to those employed in small to medium-sized organisations requiring an advanced level of knowledge on this subject

The Level 3 Certificate in Bookkeeping and Ethics consists of four units, each assessed by a separate Computer-Based Test (CBT) or Computer Based Project (CBP) and should take around 6 months to complete – depending on study method:

  • Accounts Preparation (ACPR) (CBT)
  • Prepare Final Accounts for Sole Traders and Partnerships (FSTP) (CBT)
  • Professional Ethics (PETH) (CBP)
  • Spreadsheet Software (SOST) (CBP)

Upon completion, you can continue with the rest of the Level 3 paper of the AAT Accounting Qualification and move on to Level 4.

Order of study for Bookkeeping units

Study PBKT before starting CJBS. Study ACPR before starting FSTP. Other AAT units can be started in any order

How much will it cost?

  Course Fee Registration Fee CBT Fee CBP Fee

Level 2

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Level 3



Remember to register for Bookkeeping with the AAT – phone 020 3735 2434

The AAT are introducing a new Professional Membership option as an AAT Bookkeeper, available to those who have completed a new Level 3 Bookkeeping Qualification. This will open the doors to you running your own bookkeeping practice, as well as many other career paths.

From September 2016 onwards, the Level 3 Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping and Ethics will be replaced by the new Level 3 AAT Bookkeeping Qualification, which incorporates an additional unit: Indirect Tax. This new qualification gives you eligibility for the Professional Membership.

Indirect Tax is a very short unit which can be studied In Centre, or via Online Classroom and Online Classroom Live. To find out more about the changes, fill out the ‘Request a call back’ form and we’ll see how we can help.