Advanced Learning Loans

BPP is one of only a few training providers offering the Government-backed Advanced Learning Loan. If you’re aged 19+ it lets you borrow all or part of your course fees, and you don’t need to start repaying it until you’re earning over £21,000 a year.

Please note: From 15 July 2016 the Advanced Learning Loan will only be available for the new AAT syllabus (AQ2016).

How the loan works

With the Advanced Learner Loan you can borrow from £300 upwards to cover all or part of your course fees. How much you receive depends on the course fees, type of course and the maximum loan available. Please note the loan does not cover examination fees or membership fees. More on this can be found here.

The money is paid directly to BPP each month and you will not need to start repayments until you are earning over £21,000 a year. These repayments will not begin until April 2017.

The courses available on an Advanced Loan are -

  • AAT Level 3
  • AAT Level 4

Am I eligible?

Eligibility depends on several key criteria.

  • Course – You must apply for one of the above courses.
  • Age – Advanced Learner Loans are available for those 19+ 
  • UK Nationality or residency status

Find out more and check your eligibility here

To apply for the loan, you need a ‘Learning and Funding’ letter from BPP - you can get this by either completing the Eligibility check or calling BPP and speaking to a member of our Advanced Loans team. Once you have your letter and have submitted your application to Student Finance England it will take around two weeks for your request to be processed, then the loan is paid directly to BPP on a monthly basis. You must apply for the loan before booking your course. We can talk you through every step of applying for your loan – phone our advisors on the number above.