Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)

Our PGCE provides student teachers with an overview of recent and rigorous research into effective teaching methods for school-age pupils. Content studied on the programme will have immediate benefits for your classroom practice, allowing you to base your professional decisions on practical training and evidence-informed approaches.

All aspects of the programme have been designed to give you a secure first step on your journey towards becoming an inspiring and highly-effective teacher, with strong subject knowledge and a confidence in the effectiveness of your classroom craft.

This 12-month programme is designed to be completed in parallel with school-based teacher training, through a combination of online webinars and face-to-face seminars. These seminars take place during study days at a BPP University centre.

Programme details

BPP University London Shepherd’s Bush

Start Date


Length of programme

One-year, part-time

Modes of study

Face-to-face and online


Written assignments and one written examination for each of the two modules

How to apply

 For more information please request a call back


Key Information

  • You will be introduced to high-quality empirical research into effective teaching methods, and the latest insights from cognitive science about how the human mind works. All research covered by this programme will be directly applicable to your classroom practice
  • You will review the evidence calling into question popular but unproductive teaching methods such as discovery-based learning, minimal teacher guidance, and the tailoring of lessons to pupils’ individual learning styles
  • You will learn in three key ways: self-directed study, BPP University led seminars and work-based learning. You will need to undertake a proportion of private study to prepare yourself for each seminar, and subsequently apply what you have learnt to your classroom teaching
  • You will encounter teaching methods that are growing in popularity amongst some of the UK’s most innovative schools, including high-impact strategies such as direct instruction, feedback, questioning, modelling, deliberate practice and retrieval practice
  • You will take two modules, each of 30 credits. One will be a compulsory Education Studies module, the other will be specific to your subject specialism. This Subject Studies module will help you become confident in your own subject knowledge, and give due consideration to the effective communication of such knowledge to the pupils you teach
  • All required reading for the programme will be made available to you electronically through the BPP library, to aid you in your self-directed study

Organisations signed up for the PGCE programme

  • Future Training's Pimlico-London SCITT sets a new standard in school-based teacher training. We offer you the opportunity to gain QTS and a PGCE in the dynamic environment of Future Academies, the Trust which has pioneered knowledge-led teaching and learning in a truly comprehensive setting. The Pimlico-London SCITT teacher training courses also ensure that trainees learn how to make the most of London itself as a learning resource.
pimlico london SCITT logo
“The Pimlico-London SCITT is delighted to be working with BPP University from September 2017 with one shared vision. Our excellence in knowledge-led teacher education and BPP’s innovative PGCE courses will unite together to create a teacher training programme that is rich in subject knowledge and robust in high-quality academic research, empowering the next generation of classroom teachers.”

Mark Beyer-Kay, Head of Initial Teacher Training, Pimlico London SCITT

Relationship with QTS

The PGCE programme is designed to ‘top up’ school-based initial teacher training. As such, the programme does not include the awarding of QTS, which will remain the responsibility of your school-based provider. However, much of what is covered by the PGCE programme will help you achieve Qualified Teacher Status, and it may be used to evidence that you have fulfilled many of the Teachers’ Standards.


Robert Peal is the Programme Leader for the BPP PGCE. Having trained to become a teacher through Teach First from 2011, Robert has worked as a teacher, author, and policy advisor at the Department for Education. He has written one book on the history of teaching methods in British schools, and a series of knowledge-based textbooks for Key Stage 3 history. Alongside leading the BPP PGCE, he also teaches history at a comprehensive secondary school in West London.

All the tutors for our Subject Studies modules are current, or very recent, classroom teachers. They include Bodil Isaksen (maths), David Didau (English), Gethyn Jones (Physics), Josh Sumner (Spanish), and Michael Fordham (history).


Level 7

  • Education Studies (30 credits)
  • English Subject Studies (30 credits)
  • French Subject Studies (30 credits)
  • German Subject Studies (30 credits)
  • Spanish Subject Studies (30 credits)
  • History Subject Studies (30 credits)
  • Mathematics Subject Studies (30 credits)
  • Chemistry Subject Studies (30 credits)
  • Physics Subject Studies (30 credits)

Entry requirements

  • A lower second class honours degree or above from a UK or recognised overseas university and at least an A-Level or equivalent in the relevant discipline. In exceptional circumstances a candidate may apply for entry with documented evidence of professional experience of scholarship undertaken in the workplace.
  • English as your first language, or an honours degree that was delivered in English, or proven efficiency in English language equivalent to an IELTS score of 6.5 or better
  • Employment with a school, which will give access to a minimum of 300 hours of appropriate teaching throughout the programme

How to Apply

As this course is B2B, most students will apply to train at a School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) Network, and that SCITT will ‘top up’ their students’ training programme with the BPP University PGCE.

However, if you are a full-time teacher working without a PGCE, and are interested in the BPP PGCE programme has to offer, you are welcome to apply as an individual.


  • Available upon request