CIM Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing is a high-level two-stage qualification that demonstrates specialist professional knowledge and skills across many subject disciplines. It is a primary route to Chartered Marketer status.

The qualification's focus is on the strategic aspects of marketing management and is suited to marketers who have a significant level of experience and/or knowledge in marketing.

The award is made by the Chartered Institute of Marketing and is not a BPP University award. BPP University provides a programme of study to prepare you for the external professional body examinations of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Key Information

  • Experienced marketers bring real-world scenarios to the classroom
  • Intensive revision workshops available
  • 100% pass rates across all CIM PG Dip modules in Summer 2012
  • Choose an online or blended learning approach to best suit your needs
  • BPP Learning Media is the official educational publisher for CIM
  • Our links with the business world provide networking opportunities
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Gain Chartered Marketer status

The Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing is the pinnacle of Chartered Institute of Marketing qualifications and the primary route to Chartered Marketer status.

Who’s it for?

This qualification is ideal for those who want to enhance their credibility as marketers, those who want to move from a mid to senior-level position or for experienced professionals who want to build on their understanding of marketing management and business strategy.

Flexible study options

Choose to study face-to-face or fully online at one of our centrally located study centres in London City or Manchester. You can complete the programme within 12 months. The Chartered Postgraduate Diploma also has a practical assignment (Stage Two) which can be taken as part of Professional Development (PD) and count towards your Chartered status.

One-day revision workshops are available for all levels of CIM qualifications.

We offer four start dates per year in January, March, June and September.

How the course is taught

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Our CIM tutors are experienced academics and marketing practitioners, with excellent track records of teaching the CIM syllabus. Using state-of-the-art teaching methods and industry software, they're dedicated to helping you pass your exams and gain skills that you can take straight into the workplace. You'll be supported at every stage with one-to-one sessions, phone and email contact.

How you'll be assessed

Modules are assessed either by an assignment, a case study exam or an unseen three-hour exam (except for Stage Two which is a work-based project). Assessments are held four times a year, usually in March, June, September and December, and you'll be fully prepared with mock exams and one-to-one coaching.

BPP extras

Our free careers workshops provide additional skills training beyond the syllabus, showing you how to use your CIM marketing qualification for your desired career. Fees also include a BPP Learning Media book pack for your programme.

CIM courses tailored to your organisation

Your business can get even more out of our teaching with a tailored CIM course for groups of eight or more. The BPP group of companies are the sole provider of education and training for some of the world’s largest companies. If you would like to book at CAM or CIM course for your business contact our Client Services Team


Stage One

Stage One consists of four modules. You can complete Stage One part-time in 12 months by studying one module per assessment period. The modules do not have to be followed in sequence but start dates for each module are subject to timetabling at each centre.

  • Unit 1 – Emerging Themes 
  • Unit 2 – Analysis and Decision 
  • Unit 3 – Marketing Leadership and Planning
  • Unit 4 – Managing Corporate Reputation

Unit 1 – Emerging Themes

On completion of this module you will be able to:

  • Critically evaluate a range of key emerging macro-environmental themes and make a critical assessment of their significance for a specific sector or industry 
  • Propose strategic marketing responses to the key emerging themes judged to have the greatest potential impact on a specific sector. 
  • Responses should reflect contemporary marketing practice (i.e. marketing’s new ground) and demonstrate creativity 

Unit 2 – Analysis and Decision

On completion of this module you will be able to:  

  • Undertake a strategic marketing audit, assessing an organisation’s competencies, competitive advantage, market performance, customers, competitors, product and service portfolios, positioning, value proposition and market impact to assess the impact of these factors on an organisation’s strategic intent and direction 
  • Utilise the strategic marketing audit to critically evaluate a range of strategic marketing options available to an organisation, including innovation, mergers, acquisitions, partnering, alliances, environmental sustainability and CSR, in order to deliver best-value growth and expansion opportunities 
  • Utilise a range of financial and other measurement tools to assess the financial and non-financial benefits of recommended strategic marketing decisions 
  • Utilise a range of risk assessment tools to critically assess the risk of strategic market decisions and their impact upon an organisation 

Unit 3 – Marketing Leadership and Planning

 On completion of this module you will be able to:

  • Critically evaluate ways of delivering an organisation’s corporate mission and vision effectively 
  • Develop marketing strategies to establish competitive and sustainable marketing and relationship strategies to achieve an organisation’s strategic intent and deliver its value proposition 
  • Utilising a synergistic planning processes, develop strategic plans, taking account of different planning frameworks, ensuring they are within the resource capabilities of an organisation
  • Determine the most appropriate organisational structures for market-orientated and/or changing organisations, whilst evaluating the resource implications and requirements
  • Develop sustainable competitive advantage through suitable approaches to leadership and innovation in order to generate stakeholder value and contribute to organisational success

Unit 4 – Managing Corporate Reputation

On completion of this module you will be able to:  

  • Critically evaluate the way organisations develop their identities and how some organisations use these to form images and assign reputational status 
  • Critically analyse the elements that contribute to the identity that an organisation projects to its stakeholders, sometimes through a corporate brand 
  • Critically evaluate linkage between how an organisation wants to be seen and how it is seen, namely corporate communications

Stage Two

Stage Two is a work-based project that develops your ability to implement research and business projects – completing Stage Two achieves the full Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing.

Unit 5 – Leading Marketing

This qualification comprises a work-based project, designed to develop your professional skills and competencies to successfully implement research and business projects. 
Part of the process will be to evaluate the role of these skills in the project and the extent of the achievement of the intended outcomes. It will also enable you to evaluate your own behavioural changes in order to develop skills for interaction at a higher level, i.e. at a strategic and board level. 
If you wish to achieve this top-level qualification, you will need to hold the Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing and be suitable for MCIM status, which ensures you have a significant amount of relevant management experience.

Entry requirements

For the Chartered Postgraduate Diploma you need to meet one or more of the Chartered Institute of Marketing's admissions criteria:

Stage One

You are recommended to have one of the following qualifications as a minimum prerequisite:

  • CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing (either the 2003 syllabus or the 2009 syllabus) or the CIM Advanced Certificate in Marketing

A business or marketing Bachelors or Masters degree (or an equivalent qualification) where a minimum of half of the credits come from marketing (i.e. 180 credits in Bachelor degrees and 90 credits in Masters degrees)

In addition to:

  • A range of experience working at senior marketing management level, giving you the ability to meet the learning outcomes of the CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing if required to do so and pass the Entry Test onto level Seven

Stage Two

You must have completed Stage One or a previous version of the CIM Postgraduate Diploma.
If English is not your first language, you'll also need to provide evidence of at least IELTS 6.5 or Trinity ISE III or Trinity ISE IV.

How to apply

  • Apply online
  • Call 020 3130 6835 to speak to our admissions team about your options

Study locations

You can choose to study our CIM Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing using an online with support learning approach:

Postgraduate Diploma (Stage 1)

Option 1: Online only plus support

Option 2: Classroom: face-to-face delivery

Postgraduate Diploma (Stage 2)

Option 1: Remote supervision

Option 2: Face-to-face supervision

Face-to-face sessions will be held at our centrally located locations in:

Dates and prices

We offer four start dates a year in January, March, June and September.  
For 2014 our fees will be:

Postgraduate Diploma (Stage 1)


Option 1: Online only + support


Option 2: Classroom: face-to-face delivery


Postgraduate Diploma (Stage 2)


Option 1: Remote supervision


Option 2: Face to face supervision


A deposit of £250 will need to be paid within 48 hours of accepting your offer, in order to secure your place.

To enter at PG level without having first achieved the Professional Diploma the CIM fees are £224.00 This includes the £144 Affiliate fee plus a £80 exemption fees (£10 for each module of the Professional Certificate and Professional Diploma that the student is not having to complete).

Students will also need to register their attendance at the relevant examination session or their intention to submit their assignment by the set date (four times a year, usually at the start of your course). The date is updated per term which can be found at CIM Learning Zone.

Additional charges

In addition to your programme fees, there may be additional charges associated with your studies, which include:

Amounts payable to professional body for registration:

Associate (Studying) membership £144 - (reduced to £125 if paying by Direct Debit)
Emerging Themes (Assignment) £90
Analysis and Decision (Exam) £90
Marketing Leadership and Planning (Assignment) £90
Managing Corporate Reputation (Assignment) £90
Leading Marketing (Assignment) £360

Term Dates

London Manchester
08-Jan 09-Jan
19-Mar 20-Mar
25-Jun 26-Jun
17-Sep 18-Sep