ACCA Tutor Toolkit

BPP's ACCA Tutor Toolkit is a comprehensive set of lecture materials, designed to assist tutors through the key stages of course delivery – taught, revision and exam practise.

The Tutor Toolkit consists of ACCA Approved Teaching resources, including Course Notes and Final Mock Exams, which are further complemented by a suite of supplementary resources designed to increase the effectiveness of tutors’ ACCA delivery. Revolutionise your course with our new ACCA Tutor Toolkit, add value to your classes, improve student experience and increase pass rates.

The comprehensive bundle:

  • Taught Course Notes: Comprehensive teaching notes written and used by BPP tutors. Designed to support the delivery of your ACCA courses.
  • Course Exams: Linked to BPP Taught Course Notes, tests designed to assess your student's knowledge as they proceed through their studies.
  • Revision Course Notes: Comprehensive revision notes written and used by BPP tutors. Designed to support the delivery of your ACCA courses.
  • Final Mock: A true test of student knowledge in the build up to exam day.
  • Tutor Guidance: A step-by-step guide on how to use our ACCA Tutor Toolkit to maximise student success.
  • Teaching slides: Bring your lectures to life. Linked to the BPP Study Text, these PowerPoint slides contain real world examples and case studies to enhance the student experience.
  • Progress Tests: Short, chapter-based tests. Ideal to set for homework or to recap at the end of the class.
  • BPP Webinar: 'Teaching effectively from BPP materials'.
  • Passcard Revision Slides: Highlight key learning points and promote classroom discussion. Ideal for visual learners.
  • Electronic copy of Study Text: An online copy of the BPP Text for your reference.
  • Electronic copy of Revision Kit: An online copy of the BPP Revision Kit for your reference.
  • Paper Overview Video: A brief introduction to the paper syllabus and exam format from a BPP expert tutor.
  • Skills Bank: Insight into the skills that are useful for the paper.
  • Exam Review: BPP's review of a recent exam for the paper sharing top tips and advice.
  • Example Question Debrief Videos: Walkthroughs by an expert BPP tutor of a sample of questions.

For further details about the ACCA Tutor Toolkit download our brochure.