Supply Chain and Fee Charges

BPP Holdings and BPP University

This document sets out the supply chain and fee charges policy between BPP Holdings (lead provider) and BPP University (sub-contractor).

1.1 Purpose of Sub-contracting

Degree apprenticeships which have a degree at their core have been subcontracted to BPP University as it is a degree awarding body and so is able to deliver the core award. As BPP University does not franchise its awards/act as a validation service, the degree could not have been offered directly by BPP Holdings. Furthermore the arrangement will lead to synergies across the BPP Group.

1.2 Improving the quality of teaching and learning

The University has robust quality assurance and enhancement procedures covering the student experience and learning and teaching in particular, which are approved and monitored by the QAA and Hefce. BPP will implement these in the delivery and review of learning and teaching and use the results to inform programme design and enhancements. BPP Holdings will also support BPP University in its enhancement activities by providing feedback gathered directly from employers and students through the central Customer Service Department.

1.3 Fee calculations

BPP University (sub-contractor) is a 100% wholly owned subsidiary of BPP Holdings (lead provider). As a result BPP Holdings will pass on 100% of fees and funding from the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) to BPP University

1.4 Supporting BPP University (Subcontractor)

BPP Holdings (lead provider) provides legal, financial and marketing support to BPP University (sub-contractor). BPP Holdings will input and verify learner contracts and associated documentation and handle financial matters.

1.5 Fee differences across sub-contractors

This is not relevant as BPP Holdings (lead provider) does not sub-contract outside the BPP Group.

1.6 Payment terms and timing of payments

BPP Holdings passes on 100% of funding it receives within 1 calendar month to the BPP University.

1.7 Policy Communications with current and potential sub-contractors

As BPP University is a wholly owned subsidiary of BPP Holdings and forms part of the BPP Group policy communications happen on a regular basis. At the minimum these will be communicated within the BPP University board meetings which take place every 2 months.

1.8 Timing of Policy Review

The policy will be reviewed annually.

1.9 Policy Publication

All details are visible on the BPP website