Student health

When it comes to succeeding in your studies, your physical health and mental well-being are of the upmost importance. The information below gives advice about medical treatment and counselling.

Registering with a doctor

Wherever you study with BPP University, it's important that you register with a local doctor - ideally within two weeks of your programme starting.

Department of Health Guidance states that you should register with a GP near where you spend most of the year to ensure that you receive prompt treatment if you fall ill. If you are a full-time student who returns home during vacations periods, your previous doctor will still be able to see you as a temporary patient.

If needed, BPP University centre staff can direct you to the nearest NHS Accident and Emergency and other drop-in facilities.

Registering with a dentist

Whether you need urgent treatment or just a check-up, we recommend using the NHS Direct website to find a local dentist.

Counselling services

We offer a dedicated counselling service for students at all BPP University study centres.

If students feel that their home life is affecting their ability to complete their programme, members of our academic staff and the Student Services Team can provide a reference for BPP University students to speak to a trained counsellor in confidence.