Support Outside the Classroom

Going to university for the first time can be a challenging but exciting experience. You will get to meet new people, explore new environments and discover new ways of working. Getting used to student life brings its own unique challenges. This is why, at BPP University, we pride ourselves on creating a supportive environment.

International Student Advisers

At BPP University, there is support and advice from day one, in the form of our International Student Advisers. This friendly and informed team is there for our international students from all over the world, and is ready to provide help and advice whenever it is needed to ensure you can concentrate on your studies. They offer pastoral care, financial advice, provide assistance with learning issues and more.

International Student Advisers can give advice and information on:

  • Academic processes
  • Accommodation and housing
  • Additional support for students with learning difficulties or disabilities
  • Counselling services
  • Finance
  • International student support
  • Local area information
  • Learning support
  • Local faith/prayer services
  • Registering with doctors and dentists
  • Travel and transport
  • Welfare and many other issues students face

Student Managers/Personal Tutors at BPP University

Depending on your programme, you will be allocated either a Student Manager or Personal Tutor. They will play an important role in ensuring that you understand the commitment required to progress through your academic journey and are there to support you in reaching your end goal. They will guide you through your course by regularly meeting with you and discussing any challenges or issues that you might be experiencing.

Learning Support at BPP University

Learning Support is available to all students at all sites who disclose a learning difficulty or disability. We ask students to tell us about any learning difficulty, disability or health issues as soon as possible while making an application or registering on a programme. This is to ensure that you are able to access your learning from the start of your programme and so that we can make any necessary arrangements for your examinations. We will only use this information to plan for your studies.

Our experienced team offers a wide range of support for sensory difficulties, mobility difficulty, ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome, mental health, dyslexia, dyspraxia, general health problems and much more.

For more information and advice, please email us at or visit us online at

Inclusion: Equality and Diversity at BPP University

At BPP University we are fully committed to promoting equality and tackling discrimination, to ensure fair access to learning and facilities for students and staff. We are dedicated to ensuring that all services take account of the diversity of local, national and international populations, without compromising quality of service. We believe services should be accessible to students regardless of age, disability, gender, race, sexual orientation and religion or belief. We want to ensure that everyone develops their understanding of diversity, by engaging with the rich culture and values of their peers. This approach enables you to become truly global citizens; widening skills, experience and understanding as you progress into employment or further study.

For more information please contact or visit We want to hear your views and ideas about inclusion - inside and outside the classroom.

Students’ Association

To help you make the most of your time at university, there is a Students’ Association which offers a number of exciting opportunities to socialise, volunteer, develop your skills and enhance your CV.

You can look forward to lots of student-led events throughout the year wherever you choose to study. What is more, thanks to the wide range of student clubs and societies on offer, catering for all interests and backgrounds, there is something for everyone. If you cannot find the one for you, then you can even start your own society. We will help you get it off the ground. BPP University’s Students’ Association also offers an independent voice for all students, and works closely with BPP University to put students at the heart of the institution. The student voice is championed through various channels of student representation and so there are many opportunities for you to be involved in strengthening that voice.

You can find out more at – where you can also watch student video tours of each study centre too.