Coming to the UK

As a career-minded student you will want to know what to do next to become part of the BPP University community. Reassuringly, we offer a complete support service that will help you with every aspect of your application and decision to study with us. We will help you with everything - your course choice, study location, your study visa, finance and where you will live. If you are from the EU, you will not require a visa to study in the UK.

11 easy steps between now and starting at BPP University

1 - Get support from the outset

We make ourselves available to you in many ways. You can email or phone the university directly or you may prefer to speak with your in-country team, in your own language. For full contact details please see

You can go directly to one of our trusted education consultants who will walk you through the whole process. To find your nearest agent, please visit

2 - Engage with us on social media

It will help you to feel part of the community right away. You will find it is a great way to interact with everyone at BPP University, existing and new students as well as the team who work here. Join us on Twitter and Facebook for news, updates and to find out what is happening at BPP University.

3 - Your application

Once you have chosen your programme and study location, you will need to submit an application with all of your supporting documents (academic transcripts, English language certificates and passport). Please check on the programme pages which application platform you need to choose to apply for your preferred programme.

4 - Receiving your offer

Once you have applied (as long as we have all the information we have requested) we will send you a conditional offer via email. If you have applied through a representative, you will receive the offer through their office. With your offer you will receive BPP University‘s pre-arrival guide, with details on visa application and preparing your travel to the UK.

5 - BPP University interview

After sending you an offer, our admissions team may organise an interview with you to discuss the rationale behind your application to your chosen programme and the reasons you have chosen BPP University.

6 - Payment

When you have satisfied all of the requirements you will need to make payment as outlined in the offer. You will need to submit the acceptance documents along with your CAS* (Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies) request form to the admissions team. *Not required for EU students.

7 - CAS*

Once we have received payment confirmation and acceptance documents, we will issue a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies) number, which you need for your Tier 4 student visa application. If you choose not to pay the full fee upfront, your payment plan for the remainder will be outlined in your offer letter.

8 - Visa application

It can take up to six weeks in some countries to get an appointment so please ensure you do this in good time to arrive for your programme start date. You may be contacted by the UKVI to attend a credibility interview – if this happens, you must contact us. Following your visa appointment, please contact us to inform us of the outcome.

9 - Organising travel

Your agent/country can advise you how to arrange your travel to the UK including recommending a local airport and a travel route for when you arrive. Please also check your pre-arrival guide for further details on travelling to the UK.

If you have any questions about renewing your visa, our international student advisers will be able to give you advice on what to do.

10 - Registration

Before starting your programme you will need to register with the university (and for certain nationalities, the local police station). This tells us that you are in the UK and we can let the UKVI know that we have met you and you are ready to commence your studies.

You will need to complete a registration form on a weekly basis to allow us to manage your attendance throughout the course of your studies.

11 - Final preparation

Before starting you will receive all the information you need about your timetable, locations, student manager and induction. Once your programme starts you will have lots of support and guidance and we will be very happy to answer any questions you have, whether about your studies or your life in the UK.