Wellbeing and Mental Health

Your Wellbeing is important and we appreciate that you may just want to discuss your feelings. If you are experiencing low mood, depression, anxiety or have an existing mental health condition, or just want someone to talk things through don't hesitate to contact The Learning Support Team. We can offer our experience and support you through the challenges which University naturally presents.

Your lifestyle is everything

Eating and sleeping well, having a good network of friends, getting enough exercise and getting to know the BPP campus and Student Association groups can help you feel well and avoid homesickness; keeping your mind focused! If you are studying an online course it is important to keep in contact with the group and use appropriate and safe social media.

Whilst you are away from home make your accommodation 'homely' and a safe place to be and plan and prepare your academic work in. Don't leave it to the last minute or distract yourself from what you know you have to do! If you want to talk to someone about anything at all just contact Learning Support or Student Advice we will be happy to help.

Wellbeing Self-help (Visit our links page for more information)

Counselling Services

Taking the first step in deciding to talk to someone about your concerns can feel awkward and anxious at first - but making that decision is the beginning of your walk into a more positive chapter in your life. Please contact Learning Support and ask for the details of the service.

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