Apprenticeships with BPP University

Apprenticeships provide employers with a unique opportunity to attract talented and driven individuals, who will work full-time in your organisation gaining hands on experience, while studying for a university-awarded qualification that is relevant to their role. They also enable you to train and enhance your existing employees, bringing new skills into your existing workforce.

BPP University is an independent university dedicated to business and the professions. Our tutors, most of whom have real-world practitioner experience deliver the practical skills and industry knowledge apprentices need to excel in your organisation.

We currently offer a range of apprenticeship programmes in law, technology, business and financial services which have been designed to align to the following new apprenticeship standards, designed by employer-led groups known as trailblazers:

Key benefits of BPP University's Apprenticeships:

  • Attract talent: our innovative programmes will recruit and develop ambitious school or college leavers and equip them with the skills, knowledge and experience to excel in the workplace
  • Increase retention and productivity: designed with a curriculum relevant to any age group, so that you can present current employees with an opportunity to develop and progress
  • Tailored to your business: create a professional solution around the knowledge and skills your businesses requires, with the possibility of internal training options
  • Cost effective: with government funding available (until April 2017), apprenticeships offer a chance to develop a talented team of individuals without expensive training
  • Taught by professionals: our tutors are practitioners with real-world knowledge of their field, providing apprentices with an industry relevant education
  • Practice-focused: our work-based assessments and projects demonstrate how theoretical knowledge is applied to practical challenges in the workplace
  • Flexible learning without compromise: apprentices are able to utilise facilities such as innovative online resources, enabling them to study alongside their existing commitments

New Apprenticeship standards created by Trailblazers

By the academic year 2017/2018 the majority of current relevant apprenticeship frameworks will begin to be replaced by new standards - standards that are created by employers, for employers. A Trailblazer is an employer led group developing the new apprenticeship standards for occupations in their sectors. All of BPP University apprenticeship programmes align to the new standards, ensuring that your apprentices receive a highly relevant qualification. Being part of the wider BPP Professional Education Group, which trains numerous professionals within many FTSE 100 companies, we also continue to nurture relationships with the professional world to ensure our programmes are relevant to today's business needs.

Cost and Funding

Until April 2017 you may be entitled to government funding to cover up to two thirds of the cost of your Apprenticeship training. From April 2017 the approach to funding significantly changes, with the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy. Employers with pay bills of over £3 million, will be required to pay a levy which can only be reclaimed to fund Apprenticeship training. More information on the Apprenticeship Levy and what this means for your business you can download our Levy guide here:

BPP Professional Education Group

BPP Professional Education Group is one of Europe's largest specialist professional education providers of accountancy, legal and financial qualifications. BPP University is part of the BPP Professional Education Group and is a distinct legal entity with its own degree-awarding powers. In other parts of the Group, we offer a range of professional apprenticeships and qualifications from level 3 upwards.

To find out more about these apprenticeships, and other ways BPP can help your business, visit

Degree Apprenticeships

Degree Apprenticeships are a new government-led initiative that will introduce UK higher education into the apprenticeship market for the first time. Studied part-time, and open to any age group over 18, they incorporate a degree as part of the apprenticeship standard. This means that apprentices will gain a recognised qualification together with relevant, practical work-based learning resulting in a qualified, aspirational professional with the commitment and drive to progress and develop their career. BPP University currently offers the Chartered Manager and the Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeships.