Research and scholarship

As a leading education provider, scholarship and research are also central to our mission. Articulating, developing and supporting scholarship and research activities receive our full commitment.

As a professionally focused University, we aspire to contribute to the development of the professions by delivering the best and most appropriate scholarship and research in each of our Schools’ contexts. BPP University fully recognises the various types of research and levels of evidence required and ensures that all its scholarly activity and research is of direct relevance to professional practice.

Impact is an important aspect of our scholarship activities and we strive to measure the impact of our scholarship on professional practice and in the wider community. We carry out an annual census of scholarship activities for all faculties.

Applied scholarship

Developing future professionals, in particular in the fields of accountancy, law, business, tax and selected fields within the health sector are what BPP University is focused on.

That means we do not carry out blue sky research but we focus our activity on informing both teaching and professional practice. In addition, BPP University research explores a variety of non-traditional formats, all designed to be clear and engaging for their intended audience.

Scholarship can be defined as the application of the most current knowledge of a discipline or professional specialism to broader activities and practice, communicated in ways which are validated by peers and influence others beyond the organisation. This definition is especially relevant in professional disciplines such as law, accountancy and tax, business and health.

At BPP University, scholarship includes developing and updating curriculum, publishing, attending and giving papers at conferences and external work engagements with academic or professional institutions.

Our vision

Our vision is to develop recognition and leadership in BPP University’s scholarship and research activities.

We aim to produce scholarship outputs which ensure evidence informed learning and teaching and evidence based practice to support all of the professions we serve.

Curriculum development that ensures the currency of our learning and teaching is key to many of our scholarship activities. We strive to ensure that all scholarship has a direct link to the classroom whilst also being peer reviewed and influencing those beyond our organisation.

We are also keen to embrace digital scholarship and to ensure that our contributions to scholarship and research are not all in traditional format. We are therefore developing an approach to support the development of digital literacy and fluency for all faculties, not least for use in their scholarship activities.

In 2013 alone, there was over £400,000 available through BPP University Scholarships.

Our scholarship principles

  • To support staff in pursuing their scholarly activities
  • To enable staff to be actively engaged in scholarship activities
  • To support the achievement of high quality scholarship
  • To enhance the physical and administrative infrastructure for scholarship