Apprenticeship Standard: Senior Insurance Professional Level 6 Apprenticeship


Insurance is an incredibly diverse marketplace with a rich history of helping people and businesses assess and manage the risks they face. This standard covers a wide range of roles including internal facing ‘operational management’ and externally focused ‘client management’. All roles will require very strong technical competence, with the ability to apply this to a variety of scenarios depending on the size, specialism and business model of the company.

Trailblazer Group

The employer Trailblazer Group that created this Standard include Aon, Zurich, Marsh, XL Catlin, Brokerbility, AXA, and Aviva.

Role Suitability

Specific job roles may include: Broking, Client Management, Underwriting, Claims, Operations, Loss Adjusting, Reinsurance, Risk Management, Insurance product and pricing and Complaint Handling.

Key Responsibility

Responsibilities are likely to include:

  • Broking: providing technical knowledge about a range of insurance products to higher authority levels.
  • Client Management: managing client relationships, evaluating insurance needs & finding growth opportunities.
  • Underwriting: assessing risk, to decide cover to offer at higher authority levels.
  • Claims: assessing, investigating and managing claims. Providing advice to colleagues and claimants.
  • Operations: managing a business support area, analysing data or processes to ensure compliance with procedures.
  • Loss Adjusting: providing specialist expertise in investigating & negotiating claims to advise on settlements.
  • Reinsurance: providing technical knowledge for the arrangement of insurance, with large value books.
  • Risk Management: providing specialist guidance to clients and colleagues on how manage risk within their business.
  • Insurance Product and Pricing: developing and pricing products to meet identified client needs.
  • Complaint Handling: investigating complaints and negotiating their resolution an escalation as required.

Key Facts


Typically this apprenticeship will take 36 to 42 months.

Timeframes are flexible depending on the employer and/or the apprentice’s ability to be successful on the programme.

Study Mode:

Our guided teaching is delivered through a mix of live webinars delivered by a BPP University tutor, 24/7 access to recorded lectures and online lecture notes. Including online teaching sessions with face-to-face inductions and master classes.

Students take part in live discussion with fellow learners during live webinars and via course forums.


Professional Qualifications that can be included;

  • CII – Advanced Diploma in Insurance

Apprentices without English or Maths at Level 2 must achieve this prior to taking the End Point Assessment.

Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours


  • Processes and Procedures
  • Commercial Awareness
  • Technical Ability
  • Relationship Development


  • Management
  • Governance
  • Advice and Support


The On Programme Assessment ensures the apprentice is making good progress towards achieving competency in the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours of a Senior Insurance Professional. At BPP Professional Education the apprentice will gain a recognised Level 6 qualification and all the examinations must be passed before sitting the End Point Assessment.

BPP Support

Both the apprentice and employer will be supported by a team of Programme Advisors and Skills Coaches who will ensure the apprentice completes the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours required and is ready to sit the End Point Assessment.


The entry requirement for this apprenticeship will be decided by each employer, but may typically be five GCSEs at Grade C or higher.

Employer Requirements:

  • Provide apprentices with a contract of employment for the duration of the apprenticeship on the first day of their apprenticeship and be paid at least a wage consistent with the law for both the time they are in work and in off-the-job learning.
  • Employer must not ask the apprentice to contribute financially to the direct cost of learning.
  • Provide the apprentice with paid time to attend off-the-job training, including additional support for English and Maths, or support accessed for learning difficulties and/or disabilities.
  • Recognise that the apprentice must complete the apprenticeship within their working hours.
  • Ensure apprentice spends at least 20% of their time in off-the-job training.
  • Enter into a contract with BPP University.
  • Support the apprentice to gain new skills.

Apprentice Requirements:

  • Be in full-time employment for at least 30 hours a week.
  • Be an employee (have a contract of employment for the duration of the apprenticeship) on the first day of their apprenticeship and be paid at least a wage consistent with the law for both the time they are in work and in off-the-job learning.
  • A citizen of a country within the European Economic Area (EEA**) or have the right of abode in the UK, and have been ordinarily resident in the EEA for at least the previous three years on the first day of learning.
  • Not be enrolled on another apprenticeship at the same time.
  • Has the right to work in England.
  • Able to complete the apprenticeship in contracted working hours.
  • Be in a new job role (nine months or less), or in an existing job role, where significant new Knowledge and Skills are needed – employer statement of justification needed (relevant to the apprenticeship).


On completion, as well as ensuring full competency as a Senior Insurance Professional, this standard provides the foundation for progression into a number of career paths in the Insurance sector including Broking, Client management, Underwriting, Claims, Operations, Loss Adjusting, Reinsurance, Risk Management.

Costs and Government Funding

Employers will be able to draw up a funding cap (Price TBC) per apprentice from the Digital Voucher Service to cover the training costs for this Apprenticeship Standard.