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If you’re bright and ambitious and considering a career in Accountancy, Financial Services, Law, HR, Technology or Management then a Professional Apprenticeship could be the right choice for you.

BPP Professional Apprenticeships enable you to start gaining hands-on experience with an employer in your chosen profession straight after your GCSEs or A Levels, while working towards the professional qualifications you'll need to succeed in your career. It's a full-time job with a full-time salary and no tuition fees.

...with you in control.

With an apprenticeship, you can decide just how far you want to progress as your career develops. Even better, if you choose to have a break or change direction you'll have valuable qualifications and experience under your belt.

"My apprenticeship means genuine career prospects, real work experience, a salary and no fees to pay"

Saskia, Level 3 Legal Secretary Apprentice, Taylor & Emmet LLP

Top employers

BPP is an apprenticeships training provider for many of the UK's leading companies, from independent firms to large corporate businesses including RBS, Fujitsu, KPMG, Ford and AXA. We work with them to find, train and develop apprentices within their business. You'll learn the skills your employer needs and become a strong asset to them for the future as well as gaining qualifications taught by expert BPP tutors.

Progression routes

Each and every one of our apprenticeships are aligned with a professional qualification with a clear progression path to the next qualification in your chosen career without having to go to university. Training costs are funded by your company and/or the government so you won't build up debt from tuition fees (it's not uncommon to leave university owing over £26000!*). You could actually qualify as a Chartered Accountant in five years as an apprentice rather than six via university.

"BPP helped me secure a role and start my career with a global company."

Rachel, 18, Trainee Accountant at Fujitsu, Level 4 CIMA Higher Apprentice

BPP Professional Apprenticeship Programmes

Whatever specific area you're interested in, we've a wide range of apprenticeships available across the fields of Business, Accountancy, Finance, Law, HR, Technology and Management with top employers across the country. Each is uniquely aligned with a recognised professional qualification, and can help get you started on a high-flying career.

Programme areas

  • Business & Accounting - Includes Business Administrator, Actuarial, and Professional Accounting/Tax Technician with qualifications from IFoA, AAT, CIMA, ICAEW and other awarding bodies.
  • Finance - With qualifications from CII and CISI, our finance programmes include Financial Services Customer Advisor and Insurance Professional.
  • Law - Our Paralegal Apprenticeships are taught by experts and result in a Certificate in Higher Education (Legal Services), whilst our Solicitor Apprenticeship includes a full LLB Degree awarded by BPP University Law School.
  • Technology - From Software Developer to Digital Technology Solutions Professional, our technology apprenticeships range from Level 3 to Level 6 to suit everybody’s skills.
  • HR - Gain a CIPD qualification with our HR Support and HR Consultant/Partner apprenticeships.
  • Management - Our Professional Apprenticeships include Team Leader/Supervisor, Operations/Departmental Manager and Chartered Manager, which are offered at Level 3, 5 and 6.

Download our BPP Professional Apprenticeships brochure to view all our current programmes, which include example progression routes and case studies from our apprentices.

Soft Skill Sessions

Our Soft Skills Sessions are developed and delivered by BPP’s Professional Development Team and designed to provide additional training to our BPP Apprentices, which aim to help develop your essential business skills.

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For Teachers

If you are a teacher or careers advisor and would like to provide more information about BPP Professional Apprenticeships to your students, download our Teachers’ Toolkit or visit our Teachers' page.

We'll help you find an apprenticeship role.

The companies we work with trust us to help them find the fresh and agile minds their businesses need. That's why we can offer you a free recruitment service: to find you a place in a company that is looking to grow talent from within, while paying you a salary and supporting your development. Search and apply.

Once you're on your apprenticeship, we'll support you and help you progress too. And with lectures available via Online Classroom and our award winning Online Classroom Live, you'll have the flexibility to study when it suits you.

*Student Debt Survey 2011


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Already working? No problem

You can still apply to start an apprenticeship even if you already have a job. Basically, you'll need to:

  • Be working 30+ hours in a role relevant to the apprenticeships you're applying for.
  • Have a full time permanent contract, and have been a UK/EU/EAA resident for 3 or more years.
  • Not have a degree or qualification at the same level as the apprenticeships you're applying for.

To make absolutely sure you qualify, try our online eligibility check: