Building talent within your business

The growth of an organisation depends largely on a commitment to cultivating talent – the most successful businesses make talent development programmes a priority, building technical expertise as well as management and leadership skills.

Your ideal training partner

We can provide the relevant and necessary tools you need to support the top talent in your organisation. We can help you develop their knowledge, skills and personal qualities - all within an appropriate timeframe.

BPP Professional Education and Professional Development can build and accredit courses, led by a collaborative team of presenters, facilitators and coaches, that:

Our courses integrate:

As your organisation's training partner, we will make sure the learning is firmly embedded in day-to-day activities, as well as monitoring progress against your development goals. We can also work alongside you to measure the return on your investment.

Employee training courses

The right training, expertly delivered, not only helps individuals progress in their careers it also creates more effective organisations. BPP is a market-leading company with the expertise and experience to help you realise your potential.

Our professional qualifications will help you become better equipped for business, increase your skills and boost your confidence. 


  • Complement your company's strategic agenda
  • Provide intellectual challenges as well as immediate practical applications
  • Focus on developing an individual's strengths and confidence at work
  • BPP University has separate rules in relation to collaborative provision. For further information please contact the Coprorate Client team.
    • Programme objectives with individual professional development goals
    • Individual training events to reinforce themes and learning across the programme
    • Formal training with psychometric exercises to build self awareness
    • L&D activities such as action planning, shared learning workshops, coaching, mentoring and online learning to provide continuing support
    • Live experiences as a critical component of learning and development
    • Reinforcement structures such as review exercises, simulations and development centres to test and consolidate the learning

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