BPP's CIMA Programmes

All of our CIMA programmes are based on two key things. We have over 40 years of experience in helping students to pass their exams, so we know exactly what is required. We also have a proven educational model that delivers excellent pass rates through its ongoing testing, structured support and focus on exam success.

One programme per Objective Test exam

Our Objective Test programmes are based around early and ongoing testing to reinforce learning, enabling you to feel comfortable in the exam and achieve the 70% pass mark.

Key features

  • Programmes can be studied at your own pace however, they are designed to take between 6-8 weeks to cover the full syllabus and then sit your CBA
  • Focuses on exam standard question practice from the start as part of the learning process, in an online environment that mirrors the real CBA
  • Helps you to quickly identify your strengths and weaknesses and build your confidence step by step to exam success – checking your understanding as you go means no need for a separate revision course.
  • Extensive online and hardcopy question bank with detailed explanations – approximately 500 questions per paper
  • "Case Study Bridging Questions" enabling you to start thinking about your Case Study exam as soon as you have passed your Operational Test

One programme per Case Study

Designed, developed and delivered by our CIMA case study experts with a proven record of success. Our average pass rate for case study exams is 81% (this is based on all BPP students for all sittings from Feb 2015 through to May 2016), compared to the institute average of 60%. We have also trained first placed Prizewinners in every sitting so far.

Key features

  • Proven track record of preparing students for exam success
  • Our case study experts tailor the programme for each sitting based on each new pre-seen, taking account of what they have seen in recent sittings of the real Case Study exams
  • You will be taken through detailed pre-seen analysis and 3 full mock exams based on the real pre-seen case study with full solutions, debriefs and marking schemes
  • All mocks attempted using an online exam environment that replicates the real exam so you know exactly what to expect on exam day, and are confident using the software.
  • A comprehensive suite of online resources to refresh any technical areas before and during the programme

Case Study Final Mock Programme

For additional exam practice we offer a Case Study Final Mock programme based on the real pre-seen. This is available either In Centre or via our Online Classroom Live where you can attempt a real pre-seen based mock exam which will be marked in detail and 1:1 feedback provided. You will also be given a full debrief of the exam by our expert case study tutors

We’re behind 8 out of 10 Worldwide Prize Winners.

With over 40 years' of training success all our CIMA content is prepared and delivered by our experts. Of the top ten worldwide CIMA prize winners in 2015, we tutored eight including the first placed prize winner for the Case Study exams. A strong indication that our approach isn't just more engaging, it's more successful too.

BPP's Lifetime Pass Assurance.

We know that accounting exams are not easy, that's why all of our CIMA programmes are Lifetime Pass Assured - so that if you are unsuccessful in your exams you can come back as many times as you need until you pass.

If you studied In Centre or via Online Classroom Live, your free course can be taken via any mode of study. If you studied via Online Classroom your free course will be via Online Classroom again.

To secure Lifetime Pass Assurance you will need to:

  • Study with BPP (via an In Centre, Online Classroom or Online Classroom Live course)
  • Complete steps 1-6 of the Achievement Ladder for Objective Test courses (score >50% on each step)
  • Complete steps 1-5 of the Achievement Ladder for Case Study courses (score >40% on each step)
  • Sit your first exam within three weeks of the official course completion date
  • Commence your free course within three months of you having taken and not passed the exam. 

For full terms on conditions please visit our terms and conditions


BPP Momentum

BPP Momentum is our award winning approach to learning that increases your chances of success

  • Choose from a range of study methods to suit your learning style, including Online Classroom, Online Classroom Live or In Centre
  • We also offer Focus Sessions and exam standard practice questions for each paper; an invaluable way to prepare for your exams
  • We’ll help you track your progress via a personalised Achievement Ladder, identifying your strengths and weaknesses and providing targeted support.
  • Our Expert Tutors and Programme Advisors are behind you every step of the way. As professionals ourselves, we understand how best to guide and advise other professional people.
  • Our world-class study materials give you access to the best resources.
  • Lifetime Pass Assurance means if you are unsuccessful in your exams you can attend as many programmes as you need for free until you pass.