Help with Investment Management Certificate

What does the IMC cover?

The IMC is split into two Units, both of which together form the IMC qualification. Unit 1 is called the Investment Environment and covers the regulatory environment in the UK, financial markets, legal concepts, taxation and client objectives. Unit 2 is called Investment Practice and is focused on the products and tools used in the investment management process, including financial products (equity, bonds, derivatives etc), accounting, economics, risk and investment management techniques. The detailed syllabus can be found on the examiners website at

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Do I need any experience or a particular degree to sign up for the IMC exam?

The IMC exam is designed as an entry level qualification for people new to the industry and as such, there are no pre-requisites to signing up for the IMC exam.

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How much studying will I need to do?

The CFA Society of the UK, which sets the IMC qualification, states that the estimated number of study hours for Unit 1 is 80 hours and for Unit 2 is 120 hours, however if you have prior knowledge of the industry gained through work experience or a relevant degree then the amount of study time required would be considerably reduced.

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How often do the courses run?

The Unit 1 courses are scheduled to take place every other week, and the comprehensive and accelerated Unit 2 course run once per month respectively. For more details on course dates see

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What BPP classroom courses are available for the IMC?

From our location in the heart of the City of London, we have a 2 day Unit 1 course and we offer for Unit 2 both a comprehensive 5 day course and an accelerated 3 day course, for those with considerable industry knowledge or a relevant degree. If you find the prospect of studying for 5 days continuously a little daunting, there is always the possibility of splitting the 5 day course between 2 different courses (for example; attending the first 3 days of one comprehensive course and then the final 2 days of another).

Evening classes are available for both Unit 1 and Unit 2, which run twice per year, beginning in June and September.

Unit 1 and comprehensive Unit 2 daytime classroom courses are also taught in Edinburgh.

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What is available online?

The online material is available to both classroom and distance learning students and is available for 9 months from the date of enrolment. Material available online include:

  • Pre-recorded lectures using the classroom course materials
  • PDFs of classroom materials and other useful documents
  • Online versions of the multiple choice questions from the physical Practice & Revision Kit
  • Student forums
  • Introductory presentations and tutorials

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Can I watch the online lectures on my iPad / iPhone or Android device?

The files are available in multiple file formats, which means they should be compatible with most mobile devices in downloadable form. The presentations can also be watched as streaming flash videos over an internet connection.

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Will there be a tutor available if I have any queries?

Yes, you can contact our tutor team via email from the moment you sign up for the classroom or distance learning course, right up to when you take your exam.

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Does purchasing a BPP course also include my IMC exam registration?

No. The CFA Society of the UK (which administers the IMC exam) require you to enrol on the exam directly with them. See for more details.

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Do I need to be good at maths?

Unit 2 has some calculations, but it does not really go beyond GCSE maths. If you want a bit of extra help on the maths front, we have 1 day maths introductory courses every month which focus on understanding the basic formulae and on applying those formulae.

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Do the Units have to be sat in a particular order?

You can sit the exams in either order. If you prefer to understand the instruments and markets before doing the regulations, you may prefer to sit Unit 2 first.

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Does the IMC cover a lot of the CFA Level I syllabus? 

The IMC Syllabus covers approximately 30% of the CFA Level I syllabus so it provides a good head start towards that qualification.

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Where can I take the exam?

The IMC exam is a computer based exam which can be taken in a large number of locations around the UK and around the world. See to find your nearest test centre.