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Get answers to commonly asked questions about studying for the CFA® Program exams with BPP.


Do I need any experience or a particular degree to sign up for the BPP course?

You do not need any prior experience, although you may want to consider doing the Investment Management Certificate (UK CFA Society) prior to starting the CFA® Program if you are completely new to the subjects. An accountancy qualification or related degree will certainly help, although we provide extensive introductory maths, economics and accounting materials online. We also run a one day Financial Maths course to help build maths confidence. Please note that the CFA® Program does have entry requirements set by CFA Institute. Find out more

How much study will I have to do?

CFA Institute recommends 300 hours per level, and in our experience that is a reasonable estimate if you want to feel well prepared for the exam. 

What is the course timetable/what is taught?

We offer a variety of course options from In Centre Classroom (day/evenings/weekends), Online Classroom Live and self study using our Online Classroom. See ways to study.

All our courses are supported by BPP Momentum, our unique approach to learning that has been designed to support you in your drive for CFA Program success. At its heart is the Achievement Ladder, a series of steps that help you gain momentum at a steady rate, tracking your progress throughout your studies. Find out more.

If I want to switch between evenings, daytimes and Saturdays, can I do that?

Yes you can, and there will be no additional cost. Please contact customer services to discuss tailoring the course to your needs. If you wish to make changes later in the course you can do so, subject to availability, but there may be a small administration charge.

Do I need Schweser?

You do not need Kaplan Schweser to come on a BPP course. We provide our own question banks and supporting material. CFA Institute provide official text books, which we support with printed study guides that take the student through the important sections and tell them which parts are less crucial.

How many questions do I get in the BPP materials?

There are many good (and past exam questions) in the CFA® books. In addition to these questions (the best ones are highlighted in our Study Session study guidance) you get approximately the following number of questions across a range of tests within the Achievement ladder:

  • Level I 3500 MCQ plus 100+ daily email factual questions
  • Level II 2500 in MCQ and item set format plus around 100 daily email factual questions
  • Level III 2500 in MCQ/item set format and approx. 70 essay style questions plus 100+ daily email factual questions

What is available online?

Introductory tutorials to each study session introducing you the scope of each study session and tutor guidance on where to focus your studies

Pre-recorded tutorials on each Reading explaining the key areas with worked examples where relevant

Practice and Apply Tests for each Reading designed to test knowledge retention of each Reading

Study Session Assessments and Tests designed to ensure mastery of each Study Session

Electronic copies of all study resources so you can study on the move

Student Forum

Can I watch the online lectures on my iPad or Android device?

The files are available in MP4 format, which means they should be compatible with most mobile devices in downloadable form. You will need to go into the video on the Virtual Learning Environment and select download. The presentations can also be watched as streaming flash videos over an internet connection. 

What do you do on a revision course?

Revision courses focus on application and question practice. We would always advise people coming on a taught or online course to attend a revision course if they can, as it really puts what they have learned into practice. The revision course is open to anyone, including people who have studied independently or with another educational establishment. Find out more

Will there be a tutor available if I have any queries?

Yes, you can contact our tutor team via email from the moment you sign up for the course, whatever mode of study you choose, right up to the exam. We are also available to give advice on whether the CFA® Program is right for you or advice on resitting. Please ask customer services to be put through to a tutor if you want to speak to one of us, but remember that we may be teaching a class so may not be able to get back to you immediately.

You will also have access to an online forum to connect you to other candidates studying with BPP.

Does purchasing a BPP course also include my CFA® exam registration? 

No. CFA Institute requires direct registration for the exam, via an online booking process and payment of programme enrolment and exam fees. Note that the fees increase as the exam dates draws closer and the final deadline to sign-up is three months prior the exam date. See for more details.

What are your pass rates?

We monitor pass rates internally and our aim is to ensure you are fully prepared for the exam to pass first time. However the terms of the CFA Institute Prep. Providers Guidelines that we follow mean that we (Like all the other providers) cannot disclose those pass rates outside of the organisation.

We are so confident in our approach we offer Lifetime Pass Assurance* so if the worst does happen, you can attend the course again for free if you need to.

Why are the global pass rates so low?

When you look at the global pass rate statistics you have to remember that they are based on student body that is largely made up of people studying with little additional support, often in a foreign language, many with demanding jobs. If you have the help of a training provider with experienced tutors who have sat the exams and know how to help you pass, you should not be concerned by the low global pass rates. 

In the level III courses do you cover constructed response questions?

Constructed response (essay) questions are central to success at Level III, so we build example questions into both BPP Momentum and our Taught courses, as well as running an essay workshop on day 3. This workshop will involve attempting questions under timed conditions and getting feedback on content and style.

I am re-sitting – do I need to attend the whole course?

If the syllabus has not changed significantly (see syllabus change documents provided by tutor team) it is probably not necessary to attend the course again, but it would be good to sign up for the online classroom to access the lecture downloads of tricky areas. If attending through Lifetime Pass Assurance, you could choose just the sessions where you would benefit from a recap. We would definitely recommend a Revision course and mock day.

Do I have to book a mock day with the rest of my booking?

No you can opt to add a mock day to your course booking at any point through out the course. See courses.

Will the BPP CFA® Program Prep. Course cover the whole syllabus?

The BPP course focuses you on the important areas of the syllabus so that your time is prioritised towards the areas that are vital for exam success. Guidance is provided on the less important areas and the supporting question banks and passcards cover 100% of the syllabus, so nothing will be missed out. Class time is prioritised towards the areas where tutors can help explain concepts rather than list or rote learning. Home study areas are clearly identified in the study overview spreadsheet.

Can I get a UK student visa if I come on one of your courses?

No, you can however, enrol on one of BPP’s undergraduate or post graduate courses and some of those will include a professional qualification as part of the course. Find out more.

Is there a discount for booking the Revision and Taught course?

Our courses are modular, allowing you to choose which elements you want to attend, from the introduction/refresher, Taught courses and Revision courses. We have combined both Taught and Revision courses into a single programme called our Intensive course to ensure you are exam ready. This is a fully structured learning plan leading up to the CFA Program exam. By purchasing our Intensive course (Taught + Revision) you will benefit from Life time Pass Assurance* and free BPP Professional Development** online courses.

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What sort of jobs will this help me get?

The CFA® Program is aimed towards those working in the investment industry. This includes analysts (equity, fixed income, credit), private equity, fund managers, investment advisors, consultants.

However it is also useful for people working in the financial services industry in general, including those in roles such as accountancy, product support, risk management etc who want to progress within the sector. Level I of CFA® can be used alongside the Investment Management Certificate for RDR compliance purposes.

How much more will I earn once I become a CFA® charterholder?

That’s impossible to answer as it is dependent on so many other factors, such as your previous experience, seniority and the nature of the role you undertake. However, CFA have published surveys indicating that, on average, CFA® charterholders in all areas and levels of the financial services industry earn a substantial premium to non-charterholders. Certainly any employer would be highly impressed by the CFA® charter on an interviewee’s C.V. and it would give you a significant advantage over other candidates for any job.

Are there any exemptions?

No, there are no exemptions from any level of the program.


I am a qualified accountant. Will this help me and is there much overlap?

CFA will help you if you want to move into a financial services or "City" role. It will not help in a general accountancy career. There is a lot of overlap in the syllabus areas of financial reporting and corporate finance, so there is a good head start being an accountant, but the focus is different and there will still be a lot to learn.


I am not quite ready for CFA®. Is there anything else I can do?

IMC is a useful pre-CFA® Program qualification, in particular IMC Unit 2. If you have completed IMC you have covered around 30% of CFA® Level I. Find out more about BPP's IMC courses.

*Full terms and conditions apply. The new Lifetime Pass Assurance Scheme cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion run by any BPP group company.

**Full terms and conditions apply To qualify for ten Professional Development with BPP Professional Education Limited (“BPP PE”) free of charge, a BPP CFA Program Intensive course (Taught + Revision course) must be booked. Only certain online Professional Development Courses apply.

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