Research Project

Research Project

Course Book

The Course Book provides all the knowledge required for the Research Project.

Our Course Book covers the relevant syllabus comprehensively, at an appropriate level and in a clear, user-friendly way. 

Features include:

  • coverage of key subject areas
  • variety of actives, chapter introductions and summaries

The Research Project Course Book covers subject areas including:

  • research philosophies and methodologies
  • the production of a research proposal
  • the literature search
  • data collection from primary and secondary sources
  • data analysis
  • report presentation

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ISBN: 9781472734846
Valid until August 2018

£20.00 inc. VAT,
( £20.00 exc. VAT )

ISBN: 9781472735041
Valid until August 2018

£12.00 inc. VAT,
( £10.00 exc. VAT )