Programme Continuity Package

Tuition for the entire qualification

A key element of student acquisition and retention, as well as becoming an institute approved learning provider, is the ability to provide tuition for the entire qualification from start to the finish. BPP’s Programme Continuity Packages allows tuition providers to do this via the BPP Online Classroom.

By utilising BPP’s Online Classroom within your own study programmes, you are bridging the gap in your tuition schedule and are able to complete your offering to your market and achieve the accreditation rating that you desire.

Who is the Programme Continuity Package for?

The key benefit of BPP’s Programme Continuity Package is to enable you to provide tuition for entire qualifications, using BPP's Online Classroom to fill any gaps in your tuition schedule so you can provide the complete offering to your students and in the local market place.

The Programme Continuity Package will complement your current offering helping you to retain the students you have and attract new students, it provides the ideal solution for numerous scenarios including;

  • A University which offers a degree that provides exemptions to ACCA F1-F9 could use the Programme Continuity Package to provide an offering for students to complete the Professional Level papers
  • A Tuition Provider offering the ACCA Options module papers offers the P6 local variant and uses the Programme Continuity Package for P4, P5 and P7 papers
  • A Gold Approved Learning Partner can progress to Platinum status by outsourcing part of their tuition provision to BPP, a Platinum Approved Tuition Partner, via the Programme Continuity Package

For further details about the Programme Continuity Package download our brochure.