Enhance your classroom sessions with the AAT Tutor Toolkit

We realise that as busy tutors, you do not always have the time to create the teaching and testing materials you need for your AAT classes. With this in mind, we have created a comprehensive range of free teaching resources* for AAT Levels 2, 3 and 4, which are available through our new tutor area, the AAT Tutor Toolkit.

Our Tutor Toolkit is a comprehensive set of lecture materials designed to assist you throughout the key stages of course delivery - teaching, revision and assessment preparation. The AAT Tutor Toolkit consists of teaching resources such as Course Notes and Mock Exams, which are further complemented by a suite of resources designed to increase the effectiveness of your course delivery.

Revolutionise your courses with our AAT Tutor Toolkit, add extra value to your classes, improve student experience and increase your pass rates.

Which account is right for me?

There are two types of accounts for the AAT Tutor Toolkit; Gold and Platinum. Each contains different elements - the key below shows which elements described above are included. Your local sales manager can talk you through which would be the right account for you.

  • Platinum Account: Use BPP materials exclusively (P)
  • Gold Account: Use BPP materials for five or more AAT Units (G)

What’s in the AAT Tutor Toolkit?

  • Course Notes : Comprehensive teaching notes written and used by BPP tutors, designed to support the delivery of your courses (P)
  • Lecturer Resource Packs : Packs including guidance on teaching each subject, lesson plans and suggested homework, linked to the BPP study material (G/P)
  • PowerPoint Slides : Bring your lectures to life. Linked to the Texts and Passcards, these PowerPoint slides provide a high level summary of each topic, containing real world examples and case studies to enhance the student experience (P)
  • CBT Prep Tests: Practice questions covering key CBT topics, which help students to build their competence and test themselves throughout the course (G/P)
  • Progress Tests: Short, chapter-based tests, which are ideal to set for homework or to recap at the end of the class, linked to the Course Notes (P)
  • Questions and Answers: Available only to tutors, banks of assessment-standard questions and answers to use in class or to set as homework (G/P)
  • Practice Assessments: Available only to tutors, Practice Assessments identify any areas of weakness, and ensure your students are comfortable with the CBT format (G/P)
  • Mock Exams: A final test of student knowledge in the build up to exam day (G/P)

*Teaching resources are free upon adoption of BPP learning materials for your AAT courses. Please note that not all resources will be available for the FA15 tax papers - contact your Sales manager to find out more

Contact your local sales manager to order your Tutor Toolkit:

03331 229 074

Using BPP tutor resources has helped us across our entire business. Our students prefer it, our tutors need less preparation time and can lecture at a higher standard, and we can ensure consistency across lecturers and multiple delivery sites.