Graduation ceremonies

At BPP University, your graduation is a momentous occasion; it marks the successful completion of the journey you chose to take with us. It is an immense achievement on your part and deserves only the best from us. To celebrate your fantastic accomplishment, we host your Graduation Ceremony at the spectacular London Guildhall.

The Guildhall was built in the 1400s and has played host to some of the greatest moments in history. It has served as court for a number of famous trials, including that of Lady Jane Grey in 1553. It was host to the last public concert for the pianist Frederic Chopin in 1848 and holds memorials for the likes of William Beckford, Admiral Lord Nelson, the Duke of Wellington and Sir Winston Churchill to mention but a few.

Graduating from BPP University marks the beginning of your life as a BPP University graduate and member of our alumni network. As part of this, you can access a range of benefits, including our careers service for a year after you graduate, discounts and the opportunity to attend networking events.

Graduation Ceremony at BPP