BPP University Apprenticeships

BPP University apprenticeship programmes offer students an alternative route to gaining an academic qualification. Designed to align directly to employer needs, apprenticeships give students the opportunity to secure a full-time role with an employer whilst working towards a full academic qualification during their studies. Our apprenticeships are suitable for a company's existing employees or students looking to get into full time employment.

For apprentices

Are you are already in employment or looking to join an apprenticeship? Find out more about our programmes in law and business.

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For employers

Are you interested in hiring an apprentice? Find out more about the different programmes BPP University can provide to your business.

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New Apprenticeship Standards created by Trailblazers

By the academic year 2017/2018 the majority of current relevant apprenticeship frameworks will begin to be replaced by new standards - standards that are created by employers, for employers. A Trailblazer is an employer led group developing the new apprenticeship standards for occupations in their sectors. All of BPP University apprenticeship programmes align to the new standards, ensuring that apprentices receive a highly relevant qualification.