BPP Learning Media – ACCA Approved Content Provider

As the first accredited publisher of ACCA materials, BPP Learning Media has set the benchmark for producing exceptional study materials for students and tutors alike.

Changes to ACCA accreditation

The key change to the ACCA content approval programme is that there is now one level of accreditation, equivalent to the former Platinum (highest) level of accreditation, which BPP Learning Media has held since 2010. Selected providers have been bought up to this standard which is defined by a number of criteria including quality of materials, support given to students and the ability to ensure materials are distributed widely across the globe

What does this mean for me as a Tuition Provider?

Our benchmark of Platinum standard materials has always been exceptional and we plan to expand and improve on our offering to students and tutors alike under the new programme. There will be no drop in the quality standards of products which we publish and BPP Learning Media's materials will continue to be examiner reviewed and quality assured by ACCA as they are now.

Quality of materials

We will continue to publish materials of the highest standard, producing study and revision aids which cater to students' different learning styles. Our ACCA and FIA products are written by our in-house team of authors with vast experience of both industry and teaching who understand what is required to create study materials geared towards exam success.

Student support

Our range of materials will be widening. We will be embracing changes in the publishing industry which will allow us to develop our paper based materials and widen our range of electronic product offerings, allowing flexibility and access to learning materials on a new scale. We are also producing a new suite of tutor and student resources which will make preparation for and delivery to the classroom that bit easier.

Global network

Our strong relationships with key players in key regions all over the world has created a vast and extensive network of distributors, ensuring you can quickly and easily gain access to our materials wherever you are. Details of our distributors can be found here.

Our ACCA approved content materials

Our ACCA examining team reviewed Study Texts, Practice & Revision Kits and i-Pass (for CBE papers only) are written by our in-house authors with industry and teaching experience who understand what is required for exam success.

Study Texts

Our examining team reviewed Study Texts will provide you with a solid foundation, covering the syllabus topics to the correct depth and breadth to ensure you have a full understanding of the module, key terms and subject areas. Examples bring topics to life and show at a glance how key areas link together.

Practice & Revision Kits

Our examining team reviewed Practice & Revision Kits will enable you to practice answering questions with real life scenarios, and pick up tips on how to get those easy marks through exam commentaries, mock exams will also provide you with more essential practice and marking schemes show you how the examiner awards marks

i-Pass (for CBE papers only)

Our examining team reviewed i-Pass CD is an interactive study tool that will help you evaluate how well you know the ACCA syllabus. It provides hundreds of short diagnostic questions to build your understanding of the principles, techniques and key issues of the paper. It will show you if you have the knowledge base to produce good exam answers and help you identify areas you need to study further.


Substantially derived from content reviewed by ACCA's examining team, practise on the move with our portable revision aids.

Tutor Toolkit

BPP Learning Media's Tutor Toolkit is a comprehensive set of lecture materials designed to assist tutors throughout the key stages of course delivery – taught, revision and exam-preparation. Revolutionise your course with our new ACCA Tutor Toolkit:

  • add value to your classes
  • improve student experience
  • increase pass rates

BPP Taught Course Notes

Comprehensive teaching notes written and used by BPP tutors. Designed to support the delivery of your ACCA courses.

Course Exams

Linked to BPP Taught Course Notes, tests designed to assess your students' knowledge as they proceed through their studies.

Comprehensive Teaching Slides

Bring your lectures to life. Linked to the BPP Study Text, these power point slides contain real world examples and case studies to enhance the student experience.

Progress Tests

Short, chapter-based tests. Ideal to set for homework or to recap at the end of the class.

BPP Revision Course Notes

Comprehensive revision notes written and used by BPP tutors. Designed to support the delivery of your ACCA courses.

Passcard Revision Slides

Highlight key learning points and promote classroom discussion. Ideal for visual learners.

Final Mock Exam

A true test of student knowledge in the build up to exam day.

Tutor Guidance

A step-by-step guide on how to use our ACCA Tutor Toolkit to maximise student success.

Exam Success Site

Full of free and new resources to help students through their ACCA studies, exclusive access to our Exam Success Site is granted with the purchase of a Study Text or Practice & Revision Kit. Our Exam Success Site provides students with access to a free digital version of each publication purchased and more study materials including video exam tips and answers to recent exams.

How do I find out more?

Our Regional Sales Managers will be able to answer any queries you have regarding the new content approval programme. Please contact your Regional Sales Manager or find our details here.