Trailblazers: the future of apprenticeships

The coming years will see the move to a new set of world class Apprenticeship Standards; Created by employer groups known as 'Trailblazers', they will change apprenticeships as we know them.

What is an apprenticeship 'Trailblazer?'

A Trailblazer is an employer led group developing the new Apprenticeship Standards for occupations in their sectors. These new standards are now for all ages and all levels including degree/masters level qualifications.

By the academic year 2017/2018 the majority of current relevant apprenticeship frameworks will begin to be replaced by new standards - standards that are created by employers, for employers.

The Trailblazer group decide which knowledge, skills and behaviours different groups of apprentices will need to learn throughout their programme. They are designed to ensure confidence that an apprentice will develop the real-world skills they need to truly contribute and grow within the business they work for.

Business benefits of Apprenticeship Standards created by Trailblazers

  • Designed by employers, for employers (Trailblazers): To ensure they meet the needs of your sector/industry.
  • Qualifications across all levels: for the first time, Higher Apprenticeships and Degree Apprenticeships now reach level 7 qualifications (masters level).
  • A simpler approach: The previous, complex apprenticeship frameworks have been streamlined and employers are able to utilise existing internal systems and processes.
  • Improving the standard of apprentices: The new standards build on the strengths of the old frameworks with skills, behaviours and qualifications that ensure apprentices are well-rounded and able to perform better in their roles.
  • More relevant: The knowledge, skills and behaviours are more relevant to roles in the sector.
  • Flexible: The assessment format can be flexible based on what is best suited to the individual or most relevant to the job role.
  • Widening access to the professions: Giving opportunities to those who may previously not have had access to these professions and increasing the diversity in your workforce to provide a more well-rounded client solution.
  • Talent attraction tool: the new standards provide a strong proposition of qualifications and work-based learning to appeal to new talent

Importantly, these new standards are approved for businesses to claim and spend their Apprenticeship Levy against.

BPP has been one of the first training providers to deliver a selection of the new Apprenticeship Standards

As a national training provider for business, accountancy, finance and law apprenticeships, BPP has been involved in multiple Trailblazers groups and one of the first to deliver a selection of the new standards.

New apprenticeships standards available from BPP from September 2016:

Level 4: Professional Accountancy/Taxation Technician Apprenticeship Standard (Trailblazer)

Level 4: Actuarial Technician Apprenticeship Standard (Trailblazer)

Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship - Delivered and awarded by BPP University

Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship - Delivered and awarded by BPP University

Level 3: Paralegal Apprenticeship Standard (Trailblazer) - Delivered and awarded by BPP University Law School

Level 7: Solicitor Apprenticeship Standard (Trailblazer)- Delivered and awarded by BPP University Law School

See our guide for a full list of Apprenticeships Standards BPP plan to offer from late 2016/early 2017 onwards (subject to government approval and demand).

BPP expert apprenticeship support and guidance

  • Free programme design - working with you to develop bespoke programmes that fit your culture, value and business requirements, as well as integrating existing internal training into your programme.
  • Recruitment service - providing advertising, screening, shortlisting and interview support, we support you in finding ambitious candidates who will be as committed to your programme as you are.
  • Expert training - expert tuition and 1-2-1 support is provided for both apprentice and employer throughout. All our tutors have worked in the sectors they teach to ensure knowledge is applied practically and commercially.
  • Flexible training delivery - our flexible training delivery solutions seamlessly fit around your apprentice's work and travel commitments. We build your programme around the most appropriate combination of face-to-face tuition at our BPP Centres and via our innovative online classroom learning tools.

BPP is ideally placed to consult with you to provide exactly the right professional training and education opportunities both for your business and your employees.

We're looking for leading, innovative businesses to partner with, to be amongst the first to adopt the new standards. Please get in touch.

BPP Apprenticeship Standards Schedule

Download our Apprenticeship Standard Deployment Schedule to find out information on the various new programmes that are starting from May 2017, including programme length, qualification, Funding Caps and annual BPP cohort dates. Where Apprenticeship Standards have been approved for development or approved for delivery by the Department for Education, you can also select the programme for further information.