The BPP alumni service is here to support your ongoing personal and professional development.

Long after you’ve graduated, we’ll continue to help you build your skills, enhance your CV and expand your professional network –  and reconnect you with old course mates.

Join the BPP network

When you study at BPP, you’re studying with future business leaders from a wide range of global organisations.

So make the most of these powerful ties and enjoy many other unique development opportunities by staying in touch: 

Alumni benefits

As a former BPP student you will have access to a number of exclusive benefits:

  • Invaluable networking opportunities
  • Access to exclusive Alumni events
  • Discounts on selected further studies at BPP
  • Licenses to Online Resources
  • Newsletters with latest information on current developments

Opportunities to get involved

  • Speaking to potential new students
  • Becoming a mentor to BPP students
  • Providing testimonials for our brochures and website
  • Being a guest speaker at a BPP event
  • Sponsoring an event
  • Assisting future students through scholarships

Where are you now?

If you’ve changed jobs or been promoted, please update your details. If you have been promoted or would like to share your story, get in touch and we can share your news with BPP's alumni community. 

We publish the names and details of alumni on the move in each issue of our alumni newsletter.

Transcripts and certificates

Need a copy of your transcript or certificate? Email Registry.