Accelerated Legal Practice Course (LPC)

If you secure a training contract with Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, Herbert Smith Freehills, Hogan Lovells, Norton Rose Fulbright or Slaughter and May, you will study the Accelerated Legal Practice Course (LPC) at BPP Law School, one of the UK's leading providers of professional legal education.

The LPC is the vocational training programme for those intending to practise as solicitors. At BPP Law School, we view the LPC as not only a qualification, but also the start of your career as a solicitor. The Accelerated LPC is special because it was the first of its kind to be approved by the SRA and delivered in the UK. It is also special because it is unique in having been designed exclusively for students joining the above five firms. It is completed in just seven and a half months compared to the traditional LPC, which is typically completed over a period of ten months.

The partnership between BPP and the Consortium of five firms provides students with unrivalled links between their education and future legal careers. If you are interested in studying at BPP Law School but not intending to train at one of the five firms listed above, please refer to our main LPC programme.

What makes the Accelerated LPC unique?


Two start dates and a shorter course

The Accelerated LPC is studied over a period of approximately seven and a half months, compared with the standard ten month LPC. With two start dates available for the start of teaching (first week of February or first week of August), that means you can either begin the LPC after your degree or GDL, or take time out before you start studying.

The two start dates will also provide for the possibility of starting your training contract earlier once you have finished the programme (although this will be a matter to be decided by your firm). 

Please note that the Accelerated LPC is not the same programme as BPP's Fast Track LPC. Information regarding the Fast Track LPC you may find on the LPC programme page (particularly course dates) does not apply to the Accelerated LPC.

You should note that, although the contact teaching begins in August or February, you will be required to undertake significant study in July or January. However this can be done remotely at a time that fits in with any holiday/travel arrangements you may have. This material will be released in early June or December.

Specifically tailored to your future needs

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Since 2001, BPP has been closely involved with the Consortium of five firms (Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, Herbert Smith FreehillsHogan Lovells, Norton Rose Fulbright and Slaughter and May) in developing and delivering the LPC for their training contract students. Since 2006, BPP Law School has been the sole provider of the LPC for these firms.

The Accelerated LPC has been designed in partnership with the Consortium to provide their future trainees with the best possible preparation for the start of their careers. BPP and representatives of the Consortium meet regularly to discuss the development and specific details of the programme, ensuring that the programme best prepares trainees for when they join the firm. 

Although the course is shorter, there is no significant reduction in content. However the material is specifically tailored to the work you will be doing at your firm. 

The Consortium firms design their in-house training programmes to dove-tail with the Accelerated LPC at BPP in order to ensure a smooth transition into practice. Specialists from the firms regularly review the programme materials to ensure the content is relevant and current to the work of their trainees.

Through this feedback process, the Accelerated LPC couldn't be better suited to help prepare you for your training contract. For support, you will have consistent contact with your firm throughout your time at BPP Law School.

Opportunity to mix with your peers

Unlike other firm-specific courses, the Consortium approach allows you the benefit of mixing with other students undertaking their training contracts at similar firms, enabling you to build wide a network of contacts for your career.

Programme content

The Accelerated LPC at BPP Law School is split into two stages.

The Stage 1 modules use specifically designed client portfolios and simulated transactions to reflect the realities of practice. The three Core Practice Areas are studied in the context of these clients. Essential legal skills are practised in the context of relevant subjects.

Stage 2 is more specialised, with the modules specifically tailored to the work of the Consortium firms.

Stage 1 Core Practice Areas

  • Business Law and Practice
  • Property Law and Practice
  • Litigation (with a focus on Civil Litigation)

Course Skills

  • Advocacy
  • Drafting
  • Practical Legal Research
  • Interviewing and Advising
  • Legal Writing

Other Areas

  • Professional Conduct and Regulation
  • Taxation
  • Wills and Administration of Estates

Stage 2

  • Corporate Transactions
  • Debt Finance
  • Equity Finance

How is the programme taught?

Face to face teaching

The programme is taught with a heavy emphasis on face-to-face teaching, which we believe is essential for the nature of the programme. You will be taught primarily by way of small group sessions (in groups with a maximum 18 students). Small group sessions are based on student-centred learning in which students carry out activities based on the work of a trainee solicitor. In addition to these classes, you will benefit from a comprehensive lecture programme, which is delivered by way of live lectures.

Multimedia resources

In addition to the face to face teaching, you will receive multimedia resources which will help you to reinforce the skills and knowledge that you acquire in class. For example, lectures will additionally be available to download, enabling you to access the recordings for consolidation and revision purposes.

Developing skills

As well as developing your legal knowledge, the programme is designed to enhance the skills (such as writing, drafting, advocacy, interviewing and advising clients) that you will need to succeed in practice.

We also place an emphasis on developing legal research skills - vital for dealing with an ever-changing body of law and when asked to research an unfamiliar legal area.

You will also find a strong focus on commercial awareness during the delivery of the programme, providing you with grounding in business and finance which is essential for working life in a City practice.

Student support

You will benefit from a high level of individual guidance and support to assist you in realising your full potential. This includes a mentor and a personal tutor.

Develop a professional approach

During your studies at BPP Law School we will help you to develop a professional, work like approach to your studies. You will be expected to be in attendance five days per week. As a guide, you will be given five lectures and six small group sessions per week, generally delivered between the hours of 9am and 6pm. The sessions will vary in length as the needs of the subject matter dictates.

Central London location

The Accelerated LPC will be taught only at our Holborn Law School in London, which is the largest of our law schools. Download a map.


The programme is assessed using a combination of written examinations and oral skills assessments spread throughout the academic year. Formal assessments take place throughout the programme, with two main exam periods at the end of Stages 1 and 2.

We provide you with the following programme materials so you are fully prepared:

  • Mock assessments
  • Revision packs
  • Multiple choice practice questions
  • Consolidation activities

Feedback is also given throughout the programme to help you achieve success and maximise your potential.

Programme dates

The exclusive Accelerated LPC at BPP will accommodate two intakes each year with contact teaching beginning in the first week of August or the first week of February.

Full details of your term dates will be made available to you prior to your programme commencing. Please do not make any arrangements until we have confirmed your term dates with you. For a general guide to the course timelines, please see below:

August cohort

July August September October November December January February
Pre-programme study Stage 1 teaching begins Stage 1 Stage 1 Stage 1 exam period Stage 2 teaching begins Stage 2 Stage 2 exam period

*Christmas holiday falls in December during Stage 2.

February cohort

Jan Feb March April* May Jun July August
Pre-programme study Stage 1 teaching begins Stage 1 Stage 1 Stage 1 Stage 1 exam period / Stage 2 teaching begins Stage 2 Stage 2 exam period

*Easter holiday falls in March/April during Stage 1.

Please note that BPP are unable to reserve a place for you or decide which cohort you will be studying on. You will need to discuss your programme start date with your firm.

Application Process - Law School

If you accept a training contract with Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, Herbert Smith Freehills, Hogan Lovells, Norton Rose Fulbright or Slaughter and May you are guaranteed a place at BPP Law School (Holborn branch) to study the Accelerated LPC. However, you must still go through the usual application procedure to take up your place at law school and this must be done via the Central Applications Board (CAB). This can be done online at

If you have any questions in relation to filling in the application form or generally about BPP Law School, please contact Cait McDonagh (see paragraph 8 below for contact details).

When filling in the application form via CAB, please note the following instructions:

1. Choice of institution - please put BPP University down as your first (and only) choice.

2. Choice of branch - please put down London (Holborn).

3. Reason for choice of teaching institution - please tick the 'Training Contract' box. Please specify (where indicated) that your training contract is with one of the Consortium Firms.

4. Fees - please select the option marked 'Training Contract provider' and indicate your Sponsor from the drop down box.

5. Other Information - BPP University will reserve you a place on the Accelerated LPC on the basis that you have a training contract with one of the Consortium Firms. You do not therefore have to give any further information here to support your application in this section.

6. You do not need to provide a reference with your application although it is important to follow the instructions set out at this paragraph. The CAB application system may require you to provide the name of a referee and will forward your application on to them to complete a reference. You should therefore put Andrew Allen (Admissions Manager at BPP University) as your referee as the email address and 020 3131 4739 as the phone number.  As soon as your application form is received by BPP, Andrew Allen will exempt you from providing a reference and forward this on to CAB for immediate processing.

7. You should fill in all other sections of the form, as requested.

8. Questions - if you have any questions about the process of applying for the Accelerated LPC or generally about BPP Law School please contact Cait McDonagh at BPP on 02078 557 130 or

Please note that as the Accelerated LPC is a bespoke course it does not appear on LawCABs. Please apply for the Law (LPC with Business) and our Admissions Team will transfer your application to the correct course.

Student enrolment, and character and suitability

Student enrolment with the SRA is no longer required prior to the commencement of the LPC.

However, the SRA do require disclosure of issues relating to character and suitability before a trainee commences a period of recognised training, and again on admission as a solicitor. If an individual does have character and suitability issues to assess, they should apply to the SRA at least six months before they start training, to avoid any delays. Training cannot commence until the assessment has taken place.

Students who have character and suitability issues may want an early assessment, before they embark on the CPE or LPC, and the SRA have retained the power to undertake these early assessments.

Head to the SRA website for further details.